The Day The Earth Fell Silent

A kid named Logan was just playing with his friends, Noah, Drew, Kegan, and Brad on a hot summer day in New York City. They were just kicking a rock around in Central Park, but they accidently kicked the rock into the thick layer of trees. Logan went over to go get the rock back but right as he was about to pick the rock up something was blocking his path... it was a zombie.


17. Freedom At Last

             We took Joe and Gavins guns. There was a crossbow, assault rifle, and Joe had a 44.magnum in his vest. I gave Noah the assault rifle, Kegan took the crossbow, and I took the 44.magnum. We were so happy that we finally escaped but we weren't done yet. We still needed to hunt down Colton. All of us had bruises cuts everywhere. We heard something rattling so we looked out of the window to see what was going on. It was a car with Colton in it.

            "He left!"I shouted in anger."We need to follow him!"

             Noah came up to me and said,"We should probably find Scout first, so we have more cover and a companion." Me and Kegan agreed and we started to look for Scout.

            "They must have locked down this place pretty good because there aren't any zombies in here." I said. We looked around more and we couldn't find him. We kept on shouting for his name and we still couldn't find him. After a lot of looking we eventually found him in a closet.

            "Scout!"I shouted and I gave him a big hug. 

            "He looks pretty skinny. Lets go look for our bag of supplies and give him some food and water." Noah said.

            "I think we need some food and water too."Kegan said. We walked around to look for our supplies. We figured they would be where Coltons group was hiding so we looked around where they hid. We eventually found the supplies in a little room. 
           "Ok Scout here is some food!"I said. He came up and ate a whole can of chicken noodle soup and we filled up a bowl with water."Ok now it is our turn." We each took a can of soup and sat down on some chairs in a office. There was no time for talking, we were so involved in eating. We each ate a whole can of soup. "Here are some water and peanuts if you guys want any."I said as I started to empty out the bag. We all got a little can of peanuts and a bottle of water. This was the best meal we have had in days.

           We were all finished eating and Kegan said,"Where are we going to go after this?"

           "We need to send out that beacon and wait for help to arrive."I said. We got all of our stuff together and went to the room with the beacon. Inside of the room was a bunch of broken control panels and the beacon was completely ruined. And right as we were looking at it a person come in and says,"Put your hands in the air."


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