The Day The Earth Fell Silent

A kid named Logan was just playing with his friends, Noah, Drew, Kegan, and Brad on a hot summer day in New York City. They were just kicking a rock around in Central Park, but they accidently kicked the rock into the thick layer of trees. Logan went over to go get the rock back but right as he was about to pick the rock up something was blocking his path... it was a zombie.


24. A Chance of Life

            I tried to grab him as fast as I could but he already fell before I could reach him. I shouted,"Noah!" They fell to their deaths and then the zombies ate their bodies. I just looked over the ledge in horror. I was the last one of my group. Scout came over to me and rubbed his head against me.

           "Logan I am really sorry about what happened but there is nothing we can do about it now. We just really need to keep moving." Devon said.

           "Alright." I gathered all of my supplies and got ready to move. We were halfway down the staircase and I asked Devon, "So where are we going to now?"

           One of Devon's men replied, "I contacted this little hideout base that is not to far from here. There are many of these hideouts around the state now and it could be a start to a new civilization." We were at the bottom of the stairs beside the door and we all got ready to shoot the zombies that ate the dead bodies of Noah and Colton.

            We opened the door and shot all of the zombies we saw that were near and could have been a threat. After a lot a shooting we finally got inside of Devon's base. "Okay guys lets take the vehicle that Logan's group drove here." Devon said. We walked out to the entrance of his base with Scout at our side and sprinted to the truck and got in before any zombies could get us. All of us were in the truck, I was in the passenger seat with Devon driving and his men in the back with Scout.

           I asked Devon with a confused look on my face, "You actually know how to drive?"

           Devon replied to me quickly, "Nope. But there is a first time to everything."

           I mumbled under my breath, "Oh god." Then the truck sped off. Devon wasn't that bad as I thought he was going to be, but I am not saying he drove perfect. We hit a lot of things on the way there but I was just glad that we finally had a chance of civilization on Earth coming back.



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