Our Last Summer

Zoella Carpenter, AKA Zoey, is an amazing YouTuber. She gets invited to VidCon, which is the day after she gets in California to see her dad with her brother, Alex. What happens when Casper Lee sees her and falls in love? Read to find out!


1. About Zoella Carpenter...

Hello! My name is Zoella Carpenter, but my friends and family call me Zoe, and I am 18 years old. I had a happy family, but that all changed when I was five. Long story short, my mom and dad split up. I live with my mom and my little brother. My mom's name is Rachel, my dad's name is Edward, and my brother's name is Alex (5). We live in Arizona and my dad still lives in California. I haven't been there in a long time. My brother is a little new to my dad because he was only a day old when my dad left. My favorite color is blue. My favorite bands are Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, One Direction, and 5SOS. My favorite singers are Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande. My favorite YouTubers are Matthew Lush, Nick Laws (Nicholas), Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Zoella, and Casper Lee. I also have a channel of my own and I sing. My subscribers call themselves 'Zoezers'. I was invited to VidCon.



Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'4", and weighs 104 pounds.

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