Fear is about a girl who started her life without fear. She grew up not understanding why fear stopped people. But as she reached high school, fear started to creep in and take over her life. *This is a teaser. More coming soon*


2. Chapter 2. Stories



        That day is still so clear in my mind, I don't think I'll ever forget it. But how could I forget one of the most important days of my life? I lay here now, confined by these black walls covered in my small white handwriting. Each word brings back many memories, sometimes they bring joy and sometimes they bring destruction. My favourite quote was written above the head of my bed years ago, it is perfectly lit up by the lamp on the table below it. "Life is a story, Make yours a good one." This quote has inspired me over the years, countless times I have taken risks and put myself out there. Although it doesn't always end well, I don't regret trying. 


        My life has had all of the ups and downs, just like any good story. But I wouldn't change a thing, I don't want to rewrite the past. It could change the things I love about the present. One of those things is my family. We don't even come close to that perfect family, but we all love each other more than words can say. I wouldn't have them any other way. There's 5 of us in total, but only 4 live at home. I have my parents and my older brothers, Hades and Theoren. That leaves me as the youngest. Having 2 older brothers, I had to learn to be tough and ready for anything. But I know they would never hurt me seriously. 


        Growing up curious, I learned my name quickly. I would always be getting into trouble and sometimes I would end up hurt. Of course this meant that the doctors knew my name well too. But my name was always most used by my brothers. they would always be yelling at me or telling me to do stuff with them. In fact, for this reason, they picked out my name. Hades thought of the name Story as he loved to read and story time was his favourite, he knew that he would love me even more than the stories that he read. And Theoren got the name Rosa from the rose bush that he was always pushed into at school by the bullies, he found them beautiful and thought of me the same. So, on the day of my birth, the name Story Rosa Blank was given to me. I loved it, it was unique and reminded me of all the important things in my life. 


         I had always found life interesting and easy. This made the start of high school a battle. I had been used to fitting in and everyone loving me. When I was made fun of and stood out in high school, I didn't understand. It slowly began to change my look on life and change me. This took away my confidence and gave me an unfamiliar feeling, fear. All my life things had been so perfect and now my whole world was flipped, it seemed. It had all happened so fast. Asher became my only friend and I began to fade into the shadows. All I would do was go to school and sit in my room where I read, wrote, and played music whenever possible. Where did my life go so wrong? How was anything going to change? What do I do now?  





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