Fear is about a girl who started her life without fear. She grew up not understanding why fear stopped people. But as she reached high school, fear started to creep in and take over her life. *This is a teaser. More coming soon*


1. Chapter 1. Introduction (Teaser)

Fear. It shouldn't rule you, determine your decisions. In my opinion, it should just be one more thing to motivate you, to push you even further. In the moment, fear stops people, prevents them from making important decisions, even ones that could save a life. I always knew I wasn't like everyone else. It started in the 3rd grade, in the middle of math. Something went wrong with the grade 7 science experiment and one of the desks had caught fire. Everyone was panicking and nobody knew what to do. Even the teachers were stunned. It was up to me to get everyone out, I took control and told everyone what they had to do. Mom had been teaching me how to handle these situations for a while. After I made sure everyone was out of the class, I ran for the front door but not before hearing a faint cry from the bathroom. I ignored it at first and kept running. once outside, I realized who it was in the bathroom. Asher West, he has been my best friend since we met in kindergarten. I had to go back and help him. But how? There was smoke everywhere and none of the teachers would listen to me. I was terrified, what am I supposed to do, just sit here? No. So I ran back in through the smoke, that almost immediately choked me. My vision started to blur but I quickly located the bathroom and found Asher lying there with burns all over his left leg, passed out. He wasn't getting out of here on his own so I picked him up and stumbled towards the hall. I didn't think I was going to make it. By now the smoke had doubled and I was close to blacking out. I was going to die here, in the middle of the school. Scared and alone. Then it was like everything clicked on and I found new strength, it was driving me towards the door. I'm still not sure how but I reached the door and made it out. It was then that I realized, something was different about me. Fear didn't stop me from doing what I had to, it only drove me forward with more determination than before. That was only at age 8. Now I'm 16, so much has changed. 

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