Bitter sweet revenge ( naruto fanfic )

Sasuke uchiha , the only name implanted in my head. The only one who possesses my mind , I think about him every second, minute every fucking passing hour , I know what ur thinking and no I'm not a fan girl I don't think about him cz I love him on the contrary I despise him.My name is eve and iam an avenger. Iam gonna tell u one thing only that my soul shall not rest unless I see sasukes blood spilled by my hands.Sasuke uchiha shall not live under the same sky as me.
What happened to eve that made her despise Sasuke that much,When she encounter Sasuke will she kill him or there will be a twist of fate ? Will she fall for the uchiha charm and allow his love to fill her empty cold heart , will she be able to forgive and forget her revenge?
This is my first fanfic hope u like it guys and one more thing there will be a lot of events that is not related to the original show I shall change a lot of thing like Jutsus names after all this is a fanfic.
Disclaimer : i donot own naruto.


1. character info:

Name :

eve ( her last name shall be known through the story )

Age: 16

Blood type : AB


She have a pink wavy hair with blue stunning eyes , she has a nice figure with curves, in short she is very beautiful , her outfit is going to change according to story.

Character attitude :

she is cold , distant , cocky and sarcastic sometimes.

Family :

Naomi ??? ( mother/deceased )

Takashi ???( father/deceased )

Mayuri ( older sister /deceased )


not telling 😁

Brief description about her life:

Her whole family are dead , her father died in a mission ( well it's part of the truth ) her mother and sister were murdered when she was 14. When her family was alive they didn't live in there original village but kept traveling from place to another never settling in a place for a long time ( due to reason will be cleared during the stories )

She was a loner , never had a single friend because her family was always on the run. When her parents died she traveled to many places and trained under very skilled ninja in order to achieve her goal. She is a bounty hunter, she met naruto and the gang , became best friend with him even though she hates loud people , but they had a certain chemistry that eventually made them best friends.

Kekki genkie:

It's a secret ^_^( but she has two )


she mastered taijutsu ,ninjutsu and jinjutsu. She is also a professional when it comes to Katana. She also can summon snakes.


Her chakra is practically unlimited due to a tailed mystical beast sealed in her.


I donot own naruto only my oc.

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