2. T W O !

( 2 years ago, katy pov)




"Hey!" I shouted as I fell to the floor, I winced as my face hit the floor

"I am so sorry, here let me help" he said reaching his hand out to lift me up

"Ashton' he smirked

"k-katy" I stuttered, wow he was gorgeous

"you should really get some ice on that" he pointed at my face

"I'll be fine thanks anyway" I rushed off to my next class.


I took my seat at the back of the class as usual, my music blasted in my ears whilst I got started on my english work. I couldn't get Ashton off my mind, heart beating faster at every new thought about him, I don't know if he felt it too but there was definitely a connection between us...

"Hey Katy" my train of thoughts were rudely interuppted, I looked up to see ashton

"oh hi there" I quickly replied

"Mind if I sit here?" asking politely

  I gestured for him to sit down and we started talking

"and I was just like, that's not cool dude" Ashton said bursting into a fit of laughter after telling me a story about Luke

"crazy friendship you got there Ash" I said still recovering from the giggle fit we just had

"you should come round some time? meet the boys, they'd love you! You're such a character" he replied wide eyes hoping I'd say yes

"Sure! are you free today? mum's away so I don't need to be home any particular time" I replied 

"yep thats all good! I'll meet you back here after school" and with that the bell rung and everyone scurried off to break.

I was left to explore the corridors of the school alone, I didn't have many friends, Ashton is probably my only friend.








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