3. T H R E E !

School finished at 3:00, it was 3:30, where was he? I started walking around near my class. Five minutes passed, then ten, he still wasn't here. I picked up my bag and left. 

"He had my number why didn't he tell me he wasn't coming?" I thought to myself. I got home and ran upstairs, I slammed my door, laid on my bed and the tears soon enough began to slide down my cheeks. What had I done to him to make him forget about me? I guess I wasn't good enough for the popular boy.

I must have fallen asleep because I was jolted awake to the beep of my phone

Ashton: I'm sorry I didn't meet you, I had to do band practise with the boys couldn't miss it even if I wanted too, I'll make it up to you katy I promise x

I just locked my phone and slowly drifted off to sleep.



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