6. S I X !

Once I got home I ran to my room, turned my music full blast and just laid on my bed playing with my hair. I tried so hard to get Ashton off my mind but I couldn't, I took a risk and texted him;

Katy: Hey Ashton, I'm sorry, yanno for getting angry at you in the corridor. I over reacted and well I miss you please text me back:(x

Two long hours passed and still no reply, "he must hate me I whispered"

I slowly got up and slipped myself out of my clothes and hopped into the shower, the hot water hit my cold skin, leaving me covered in goosebumps. After about fifteen minutes I decided I should get out, I wrapped a towel around me and continued into my bedroom. I checked my phone to see a reply from Ashton, huge grin spread across my face;

Ashton: hey babe, it's okay it's my fault I should of texted you to tell you I wasn't coming I was a jerk. I'm sorry pweeseeeeee forgive me:)x

katy: ASHYYYYY!!! I've missed you too much, of course I'll forgive you x

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