5. F I V E !

Walking into school, the cold air hit me as I opened the main door. I'm not going to lie I was scared, scared to see Ashton, fearing inside what he'd say to me.

"Don't be stupid" I said to myself

Someone placed their hand onto my shoulder, I quickly spun around to see who it was

"A-Ashton" I stuttered

"Why'd you ignore me last night?" He spat

"Don't you dare have a go at me! You left me for almost an hour on my own! You didn't even show up and you know what makes it worse? You didn't even bother telling me you weren't coming!" I shouted, my cheeks were red, boy was I angry

"I-I uh I'm-" I cut him short mid sentence

"Save it!" I shouted as I ran to the toilets

Tears rolled down my cheeks, my breathing was cut short and I felt dizzy. I'd never been this angry over something so silly before.

Ashton ignored me all day, it kind of hurt you know, but it's my fault! I shouldn't of shouted at him in the middle of the corridor.

Soon enough, after thinking about it all day, I realised why I was so mad. I liked him! There's no point trying with him tho, he's gorgeous and popular, I'm ugly and unpopular and that's not a good match.

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