Lethal ( On hold Continued on Wattpad )

Raven Acker is a 18-year old girl with no family. Her brother took her into his gang and she got put as a baiter. Her gang gets over run and she is taken in by the most dangerous gang in England and she falls in love with the leader, Mason King. See what happens when she joins their deadly gang. Will she survive?

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> Title is still Lethal
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***Mature Content***


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2: ~Raven P.O.V~




I woke up with my hands and feet tied together. I was unfamiliar with my surroundings but I could make out that I was in a trunk. Emotions washed over me as I recalled how I got into this situation.


I hear soft chatter coming from the front of the car. I couldn’t hear all of what they were saying but I still tried to make out their words. “She’ll be upset but she’ll get over it..” That was definitely Mason’s voice. Just the sound of him talking makes a shiver go down my spine. Ugh I hate that feeling, especially when it happens because of him.


He makes me feel so small and vulnerable at times. I hate feeling like that. I’m supposed to be the one that people fear and bow down to. Not him. The car suddenly stopped, causing me to roll into the wall. So much pain. That was the only thing I was feeling right now.


Which is weird because I usually feel numb. This is bad. I can’t start being a wimp especially now. “Lets get her out..but try not to wake her up! I’m not in the mood.” Mason says, as he was getting closer. I closed my eyes and steadied my breathing as they opened the trunk. Two strong arms wrapped around me and I was carried away bridal style.


I heard a door open and I tensed up in the arms that were carrying me. Mason chuckles, “Relax.” I was still tensed at his words. I slowly opened one eye and saw Mason’s chiseled jaw line. He was looking forward and walking into a house scratch that, it was a mansion. I closed my eyes again as he walked into the mansion and walked up a huge flight of stairs.


I felt my body down on a soft comforter. Both of my eyes suddenly shoot open and the first thing I saw was Mason staring down at me. “What the hell do you want?” I yelled at Mason. Clearly I was in a fit of rage, but Mason seemed like he didn’t notice. And that made me even angrier.


I swing a right hook at him and he easily dodged it grabbing my hand and manhandling me to the ground. A jolt of pain shoots up my back as I groan in pain. “Raven, stop being immature and get up!” He yells, making me flinch back.


I get up and immediately get thrown back onto the bed. He grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls me up. “Don’t piss me off Raven..” He says, before walking out and slamming the room door in the process.


I just lay there. Crying, wait not even that. Just sitting there. Thinking.

I got up and paused. I guess this was my new room. I looked around the dimmed room. Trying to make my way around. Suddenly the room light switches on and my eyes connect with hazel ones.


“Hi.” I say simply. “Hey, I’m Brandon.” He says, coming closer and gesturing for us to go over to the bed. “No,” I say without looking at him “Whatever you have to say to me, you can say it standing up.”. A low growl erupts from his chest as he throws me over to the bed.


I crash down onto the bed a small squeal coming from my small petite form. “When I tell you to do something. You do it.” He says coming over me, dominating me instantly.


Damn dude, your just like Mason.


“Well then what the hell do you want?” I snapped hoping he would leave soon. “ I wanted to come in and see how you were doing. But I’ve changed my mind. Now I want to ask you some questions.”


Well I didn’t hear any commands..


“What the fuck dude. This isn’t an interrogation session.” I say angrily, I was thinking about just shoving him out in a second. I haven’t even been here for 10 minutes and he’s already on my case.“You have one more time to fucking disrespect me..” Brandon threatened.


“Or what…” I say, pushing my luck. He lunges at me and was about to punch me when an angry Mason comes marching in pulling Brandon off. I push some hair behind my ear as his eyes bore into mine. All I could do was smirk. It was absolutely hilarious.


“Gang meeting.” Was all Mason said before walking out of the room with a embarrassed Brandon traveling right behind him.


I chose not to go. I mean, I am not apart of this gang and never will be. No matter what Mason King said.


A couple minutes later my door bursts open again to reveal a pissed off Mason. “Lets go!” He yells at me grabbing my arm and yanking me down the stairs.


He throws me onto the couch and I look around to see everyone looking at me. “What the fuck are you looking at.” I scolded them. “Shut up!” Mason yells making me flinch back.


I bit my lip and looked down suddenly finding my hands interesting. “Now, our new target has been--” That was all I heard before I zoned out completely.


“Raven!” My name was yelled and I snapped out of my trance. “Do you not respect me enough to listen?!” He yells coming breathtakingly closer. “Maybe I don’t but at the same time maybe I do.” I smirked, while I said this.


   He looked as if he could kill me right then and there. My smirk suddenly disappeared and if looks could kill I’d be 6ft under by now. “You will go on a job tonight and catch this guy,” He says keeping eye contact and holding a picture of a guy up. “You will let him take you to his house and we will be their to kill him.” He says before throwing the files down and marching out.


Maybe I should go change.


I go upstairs going to my room and look through the closet.


Well there are some pretty cute things in here.


I pull out a simple black dress that stops above my knees. It is thick on the shoulders and goes into an X over the top of my back. It has lace on the bottom with cute little designs.


I look myself over in the small body sized mirror and smooth the dress out. I take a deep breath when I hear my door open. “Are you rea---?” Brandon says suddenly stopping mid sentence or question, I guess. I looked at him. “You look...like..holy shit..” He says checking me out. “Okay, can you stop?” I snapped, walking over to him grabbing my purse on the way. I shoved past him and heard him mutter something. “I’m sorry, what? I didn't quite catch that.” I say, smirking. “I said. You can be such a bitch at times.” He says wiping the smirk off my face and transferring it to his. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door.


I paused and said “So can you”. And with that, I walked down.


As I descend down the last step, I saw Mason sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and a shot glass in his hand. “Starting so early?” I asked, amused. His eyes suddenly shot open and he looked at me with intense eyes.


“Like what you see?” I asked, a smirk present on my face. “Lets just go.” Mason said, obviously avoiding the question. I nodded and followed him out of the front door to a black escalade.


Nice car. I would love one of these.


We all make our way over to the car and Mason gets in the back with me.


I hope this ride goes by fast.


We both sit down facing forward, not saying a word to each other. “So...Raven..Are you ready for your first job?” Brandon says, trying to clear the obvious tension present in the car.


“Yea..” I mutter looking down. To be honest I was really scared to go on this job. Nathan and Eli were always there for me. What if they aren’t? What if they just let me die?


I guess Mason must have figured out my fear because he put his hand on my knee and looked at me his green eyes taking my soul.


“Your ok..We will be there.” He says rubbing his finger in circles on my knee. I sigh. The car pulls up to the club and Mason climbs out. He pulls me close and pulls me into the tall building.


“Just stay by me.” He whispers in my ear. He pulls me even closer his hand resting on my waist as we make our way upstairs. When we make it up he lets me go and makes his way over to a loveseat he pats the spot next to him gesturing me to come over.


I go over and we make small talk until Brandon clears his throat. “He’s here.” Mason gets up pulling me with him. I smooth out my dress as Mason points to the target telling me to go down there.


I take a deep breath as i’m descending down the stairs.

I can do this.



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