Lethal ( On hold Continued on Wattpad )

Raven Acker is a 18-year old girl with no family. Her brother took her into his gang and she got put as a baiter. Her gang gets over run and she is taken in by the most dangerous gang in England and she falls in love with the leader, Mason King. See what happens when she joins their deadly gang. Will she survive?

(This book is on hold and continued on wattpad info below:
> Title is still Lethal
> Im the author and I do not have a co author
> My user on wattpad is _That_Hipster_Girl_

Hope to see you there!!

***Mature Content***


1. Chapter 1

"Life Hurts a lot more then death"


Chapter 1: ~Raven P.O.V~



Death is a scary thing. Luckily for me it went unnoticed. I never really had a family. My mum and dad went missing when I turned Eleven. The only family I had left was my older brother.


He died when I turned 16, we were on a job when it happened.




“Okay sis, all you have to do is get that guy,” He points to a tall muscular guy. “Outside that back door and we will be waiting for you.” He says pointing to the back door. I look down to see the fellow gang members making their way through the crowd.


“Well get on with it.” He says pushing be to the stairway. I make my way down the stairs and push my way to the bar. “Red wine please” I say to the bartender as he stares at my cleavage like theirs no tomorrow.


“Coming up ma’am” He says, I could feel the guys eyes on me as I slowly drink the wine. He gets up and comes to the back of me as I press my lips to the cool glass.


“What’s a pretty one like you doing here all alone.” He whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine.


“How about we take this somewhere else.” He says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the front. “Wait lets go back there to my car.” I lie. “Ok..” He says kind of unsure. I make my way outside to the back. The guy grabs his gun and points it to my temple. “Don’t move of i’ll shoot.” The guy says as my brother Sam and the other gang members come out.


“Let her go.” Sam says teeth clinched. “Aha, no.” He says taking the gun off my temple and points it at Sam. The most horrifying noise rings through my ears and I go numb.


I’m in total shock as i’m dropped to the ground. I look around seeing my brother shot and his lifeless body in front of me. A piercing scream rings through the night. Little did I know it was my voice. My brother was dead. My only family was dead. What would happen to the gang?


A bunch of questions rang through my mind. But one was answered. I was going to die.


~End of Flashback~


Just thinking about it sent chills down my spine. “Rav, get up we have visitors.” Nathan said from my doorway. I get up and come downstairs to find myself being pulled against a hard chest.


My eyes widen when I see Nathan and Eli facing me, worry laced in their eyes. I feel a soft nibble on my ear and it makes me nearly melt inside. “Guess who..” Says a painfully familiar voice.


I knew exactly who it was. No guess necessary. Mason King. The leader of the most dangerous gang in England. Mason King. “What do you want King?.” I say, trying to keep my voice as firm as I could.


“Now, now Ms. Raven, that is no way to treat your NEW leader.” He says, chuckling.


New leader?


“You not my new leader, I don’t agree to leave with you.” I say ripping out of his clutch. I low unhuman like growl came from his chest as he lounges forward and grabs me again.


I look into his cold hard eyes. “You WIll join the Kings and you will NOT run away. You WILL be our baiter and you will NEVER  see your gang again.” He says.


Every word burned through me. “They don’t want me to go.” I say looking back and Nathan and Eli. They look away. I rip out of Mason’s grip and storm over to Nathan and Eli.


“I can’t believe you guys!” I say, bringing my hand up and colliding it with Eli’s face. He hunches over holding his nose in pain. I kick Nathan in the gut and he falls to the ground. Rage takes over me as I turn towards Mason.


I throw a punch but he easily dodged me. “Now, now Rave, no need to have a temper with me.” He says, while he lets his gaurd down I punch him straight in his gut.


He holds his gut as I try to make a break for it. He grabs me by the neck and pins me to the ground. “You are coming with me no matter how much you punch, scream, kick, or anything!” Mason says pulling me up.

He pulls me over his shoulder and puts a white cloth over my mouth. Black dots take over my vision and I go limp on his shoulder.



First chapter Published hop you liked it :D

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