Lethal ( On hold Continued on Wattpad )

Raven Acker is a 18-year old girl with no family. Her brother took her into his gang and she got put as a baiter. Her gang gets over run and she is taken in by the most dangerous gang in England and she falls in love with the leader, Mason King. See what happens when she joins their deadly gang. Will she survive?

(This book is on hold and continued on wattpad info below:
> Title is still Lethal
> Im the author and I do not have a co author
> My user on wattpad is _That_Hipster_Girl_

Hope to see you there!!

***Mature Content***


7. Authors Note

This is thoughts on my last chapter!


Please don't cut :( Its not good for you and your family and friends. If you need help dealing with ANYTHING Email me! 


My Email is xfaultinourstarsx@gmail.com Email me about anything! I don't care just please  if i can do anything to help I will. 


Thank you so much for reading my book! 



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