Life has Death

may or may not be good my first ever book!


1. Life has Death

We had just set out on vacation to the bahamas just me my family and Colton, Colton and I are college buddies and he somehow couldn't get a job even after going back to school so he is staying with me until his first book sells (All is Lost). When I look out in the water I see lots of people parasailing, swimming, splashing, and making sandcastles with their children. We were just about to get in the water when somebody calls us over, we don't know who they are but we go anyway. When we get there the woman says "I like your dress" to Linda my wife "I'm Andrea" said the woman "call me Plubba" said her husband standing beside her. Linda and Andrea start talking about girl things "I don't even want to hear it" mumbled Plubba to me so we started walking around on the sand "what kinda car do you have" said Plubba             "Pontiac sunfire" I said. we went into the water and kept talking until everything started to smell really bad. "ew what is that" said Plubba "I have no idea" I said then we saw splashing about thirty feet away from us. "Is that kid drowning?" I said only one way to find out said Plubba so he swam towards the splashing and when he got there he went under and I couldn't see him anymore... I saw blood then something the size of Plubba with evil eyes came up out of the water and started towards me I noticed that thing had to be the reason Plubba is gone so i started swimming as fast as I could towards the shore to tell Matt, my son to warn mom what was coming and to get in the car with her and wait for me after I told him to do that I gathered Colton an Jonathan, My other son and told Andrea what had happened.

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