Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


7. What now Harry?

"Your pregnant?" There was a brief moment of silence before Bella attempted to speak again.

"Yes." Professor McGonagall motioned for them both to sit down in front of her desk and began to think of all the questions she needed to ask. 

"Well my dear as you can imagine Im not quit sure as to what to say.....I would however like to ask you a few questions." Bella nodded her head. "Right then, firstly whom is the father?"

"Harry Potter" whispered Bella. A moment of shock flushed through McGonagalls face before she quickly returned to her sympathetic expression.

"I had no idea that you and Mr Potter were toge....."

"together. yes. we were trying to avoid Draco or any other slytherin from finding out."

"Well that explains it.. and um where is potter?"

"I haven't told him."

"why not!" Ethel opened her mouth to speak, but before she could McGonagall spoke. "Ethel would you mind stepping outside to allow Miss Malfoy and I to speak. Ethel grasped Bella's hand and the made her way towards the door to wait outside. "Now tell me Belladonna why you have not told Harry."

"I couldn't. I found out about an hour ago, and I wanted to go tell him but....I needed to talk to someone. I couldn't go and talk to Professor Snape or Madame Pomphrey. So I thought of you and......I don't know what to do." McGonagall looked at Bellas frightened face for a moment and then began to speak again in a very soothing voice.

"Well Bella what I suggest and and what we are going to do is firstly call Harry here so that you and I can tell him. Then we will all go and see Professor Dumbledore, who will Im afraid have to call for Professor Snape, and then we shall go down to the hospital wing." Bella just nodded her head and waited for Harry to arrive. Five minutes later Harry appeared at the door way, which by now on the other side Ethel was sitting casually on the floor. "Professor you wanted to see me?"

"Yes Mr Potter please sit down." Harry walked over to the chair beside Bella and suddenly grew concerned when he saw Bellas distressed face. "Potter Bella has something she wishes to tell you and is of high importance"  Harry looked at Bella questioningly and waited for Bella to speak. "Harry...........Im pregnant." The was a long pause and Harry then sunk his head into his hands. Bella then forgot that McGonagall was in the room and began to speak to Harry. "But I don't understand we used protection." McGonagall suddenly snapped her head to look at Bella who had just so suddenly said something almost too private.Harry lifted up his head and then took hold of Bellas hand.

"It split...............and I thought nothing of it so I didn't tell you..............I never thought.." Bella sighed and stared at the ground before saying "Well what now Harry?" Harry stared at the ground before raising his head to look at Bella.

"Call me crazy okay..........but on one hand I am completely and utterly confused and worried and slightly scared........but then on the other hand," Harry began to grin and clenched Bella's hand,"I couldn't be any more happy! Bella I love you and I know a baby wasn't on my to do list this year, but the mother is someone I deeply care about and love." Bella smiled as a tear rolled down her face. "Well thats lovely you two but we haven't even discussed your options or worked out how any of this is going to work out. Now will the pair of you follow me to Dumbledores office please." McGonagall bolted up and made her way towards the exit followed by Harry and Bella. "Bella! where is McGonagall taking you both" hissed Ethel as they walked passed. "Don't worry Ethel." As they moved away from Ethel, Ethel raised her arms and threw them back down and then turned to go to the common room. Moments later Harry and Bella were sitting in front of Dumbledore, with McGonagall to his side filling in Dumbledore on the reasons for their being there. "Harry I am not sure you are fully aware of the severity of the situation." Harry looked puzzled for a moment before saying, " I know we arn't ready for a ba...."

"No Harrry!" boomed Dumbledore, making everybody jump slightly. "This baby would not just be a would be a weapon against you! and not to mention almost valuable to Voldemort."

"I don't understand, valuable?" whispered Bella,

"Yes Bella. your baby would be the product of the daughter of a death eater, an instant connection to dark powerful magic and voldemort himself. and the product of the boy who lived, and that very same boy with powers in all likeness with voldemort himself! This child would be very powerful and would either be seen as a threat or valuable to Voldemort." A deafening silence echoed across the room as everybody allowed this new source of information sink in. "so our child is at risk." said Bella. Dumbledore slowly sat down in his chair, "Yes Bella." Snape then stormed into the office and was quickly filled in by McGonagall. Snape stared at the pair and then began to speak to Dumbledoor. "What is it you would like me to do.."

"Severus...." Dumbledore began to outline his concerns to Snape until Bella began to speak.

"Hang on! This is our baby....and we don't even know if we are keeping it. Harry and I wish to speak to Sirius and...and..and my mother." The room grew cold. "Very well" muttered Dumbledore and the two were summoned to the castle. Harry went off with Sirius and Bella, Narcissa.



"Bella darling what on earth is going on?"

"Mum I really need you right now so I would really appreciate it if you just let me talk and then not hate me or be mad." Narcissas face grew cold as she began to listen to Bella talk. "I'm in love with Harry Potter. Look now I know that the family hates him and I was only ment to spy on him....but we fell in love instead. And now Im pregnant. I know how serious having this baby is which is why I considered terminating but I dont know. And the entire time Dumbledore and Snape were talking all I could think was how much I wanted and need to talk to you. Because I'm scared and and.." Bella burst into tears which Narcissa responded to buy engulfing her in a hug. 

"I'm not going to pretend my dear, I am slightly angry. How could you be so careless! all I do is try to protect my family and you and your brother and father constantly put us in even more danger, *sigh* but I cant argue with love can I. Darling by loving Harry you make  everything so difficult and I am really resisting the urge to kill that boy" 

"But Mum I don't know what to do, you know how serious having this baby is.. maybe I should just terminate."

"No. I can see this baby will be loved, its just unfortunate the circumstances that it falls under. Honey did you know that your grandparents hated your father." Bella wiped away a tear."No"

"They did, with all their harts. and then when I was not much older than you maybe 19, 20 I got pregnant. They refused to talk to me and all I wanted was to talk to my mum, i was so scared, and when I lost the baby i needed her even more and it wasnt until months  later did she forgive me for loving Lucious. I dont want that for you. I want you to know that I am here for you and that having this baby will come at a price but I am here to help." Bella hugged Narcissa as tightly as she could. "Mum, I love you so much."Narcissa smiled but then spoke with a large amount of seriousness.

"Bella, but look your father and Draco must not be told. They will surely tell the dark lord." she then began to chuckle. "Plus I also dont think there is another grandchild on their way very soon." Bella then to began to lagh and they both went back to Dumbledores office. When they arrived Harry was also back with a very calm looking Sirius who gave Bella a kind look, before Dumbledore then said, "Now we are all fully informed lets us begin to find a solution that will protect the baby from Voldemort."

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