Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


3. Slowly but surely

"Bella!..................Bella!" Harry ran screaming Belladonna's name down the hallway as he tried to catch up with her before she left the castle. It had been almost a month since term started and already Bella had become one of Harry, Ron and Hermiones good friends. Although Bella was starting to grow slightly nervous at the idea that she had yet to learn anything about Harry's plans or movements. "Bella!" Bella turned round to find a very flustered Harry falling over himself to get to her. "Hi Harry, Harry? why are you running?"

"I was trying to catch up with see if you maybe wanted some company?" Bella looked at Harry for a moment, "sure"

"Great where are we going?"

"just to the river bed, I like to sit there sometimes.....its a great way to avoid people.....and draco hahaha." Both Harry and Belladonna began to laugh and made their way to her spot.  "I've never really been down here," said Harry as he looked out onto the river, where the late afternoon sun was dancing on the top. 

"I love it! It's a great place to think." They both sat down on  the grass and began to through small clumps of dirt into the river. "so your family..." began Harry wanting to get to know a little more about Bella.

"Are absolutely a bunch of nutters." They caught each others eyes again and burst into laughter. "Harry," Bella began to say in her head, " Im ment to hate him............not him." Her thought made her look away from Harry and stare out into the water. Harry and Bella sat on the river bed for two hours laughing and talking, before Bella decided that they should probably head back. Harry agreed and they both began to get up slowly. Harry turned around and offered Bella his hand, she accepted and as she made her way up she slipped and pulled Harry right on top of her. They began to laugh hysterically whilst neither one of them made any attempt to move. "Ahahahaha Har........" Halfway through her sentence Harry tenderly placed his lips on Bellas. For that one moment Bella forgot that she was supposed to be spying on Harry, that her entire family hated him, and thought nothing apart from how much she wanted to be with Harry. Harry broke away slowly and looked back into her eyes. "Sorry, I don't know what just came over me.....I just felt this....sudden need.....want.." He broke off when he saw Bella smiling up at him.

"Harry I want to be with you!" she blurted out and then lifted her free had to cover her mouth.  Harry grinned and then kissed her again. He then lent his head over to her ear and whispered " me too."

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