Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


15. Our father will hear about this

Harry was motionless staring at Draco. He then began to walk slowly towards Draco. "Draco now look, its not as bad as it looks. Bell and I love each other and.." Draco couldn't hold it in any longer, he swung and punched Harry in the face. 

"Harry!!!!" screamed Bella fighting back even more tears as she tried to soothe her wailing child. Draco punched and kicked Harry who was now lying on the floor. "DRACO STOP IT!!!" Bella as swiftly and softly as she could placed Loretta in her cot and ran a pulled Draco off Harry. "Leave Me the Hell alone Bella!"

"Get off him!!! STOP!" Draco stopped. He was almost out of breath, he turned his head slightly to look his sister in the eyes. "How could you..." 

"I didnt mean for any of it to happen I swear Draco! I love him and Loretta..she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. stop hurting Harry!" Draco was fuming. He looked down at a bruised Harry and then whispered in Bellas ear, "Our father will hear about this." He lingered for another moment and then stormed out of the room. Harry began to pick himself up, as Bella burst into sobs of tears. "Bell..."

"Ha...Harry! hes going to tell father....I...." Bella began to struggle for breath. Harry painfully wrapped his  arms around Bella who by now was howling. "I!!!" Before Harry had time to stop her, Bella had apperrated out of the room. "What do I do?" thought Harry,"The order I have to get Loretta to a safe place!"


Bella ran from her living room to the parlour door. Nobody had heard her arrive. Fighting back tears she heard voices in the parlour and listened in the cracks of the door.

"Son are you serious?"

"Yes father!"

"Draco darling this better not be a joke!" Narcissa said trying to hide the fact she already knew.

"She was in the room of requirement with her baby and then that Potter ran in." Draco stood in front of his parents waiting for their next response.  "Draco..." Lucious said in a gentle whisper. "Go back to school and we shall speak soon."


"GO!" startled by his fathers sudden burst of outrage, Draco apperated back to Hogwarts. Lucious turned and slumped into his arm chair and covered is face with his hands. Narcissa realised that she had to play the fool, if Lucious found out she knew, it would destroy their relationship. She crouched down in front of Lucious and began to almost whisper to him, making it hard for Bella to hear everything. "Lucious honey what does this mean....for us?"

"Do you think it's true? my little angel.....shes to young to have a child! and POTTERS CHILD! she brings SHAME upon our family name. and the dark lord..." for the first time Narcissa saw her husband begin to cry. "Why.....why why why! HOW COULD WE NOT KNOW! that Dumbledore must have helped cover it up..." Narcissa took hold of his hands and held them in her own. "Lucious.....the dark lord must not find out........he would probably kill her and us..... Bella!"

Bella sat on the floor and decided to confront her parents. She got up slowly and walked into the room. "father...."Lucious looked up at his daughter with disappointment clouding his eyes. "Tell me it's not true." small tears rolled down her face and she hung her head slowly. Lucious looked away from Bella. "Father I...I didnt mean for it to happen! I love Harry.."


"Father Im sorry!"

"I cant even look at you right now Belladonna." Bella looked like herself when she was younger vulnerable, she looked at her mother who also had small tears rolling down her face. Narcissa smiled a little to show Bella that it was all going to be ok. "Get out Belladonna."


"I said leave. I don't want to see your face in my house again, you are a disgrace." Narcissa looked alarmed at Lucious and suddenly felt almost as vulnerable as Bella. He was forcing her only daughterr to  leave. "Lucious?" 

"My mind is made up Cissy. She is no longer worthy to me my daughter and if it is  the enemy she chooses so be it. But I want nothing more to do with her," Narcissa slumped on the floor, she felt numb all over.

"Father...please." bella felt sick and was crying uncontrollably

"GET! OUT." Bella apperrated out and found herself in Dumbledores office with the order and Harry who was cuddling Loretta. Harry quickly passed her to Molly and held Bella, he then whispered to Bella, "He knows,"

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