Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


4. Mums the word

Bella loved being with Harry. It had been another month since Bella and Harry kissed and had become quite the pair. Both knew that they couldn't tell anyone of their romance in fear that Draco would find out. Bella however was even more frightened, if anyone were to find out, it Draco...her, if Voldemort found out who knew what the outcome would be for herself and her family. Belladonna couldn't help it though. She and Harry had something, and it was like she had been filled with a type of happiness she never knew could exist. She waited everyday in anticipation for the moments where she and Harry were alone. He would hold her in his arms and whisper how beautiful and amazing she was, and Bella would just gaze into his eyes and feel like the luckiest girl alive. " Bella?" Harry said one afternoon as they sat by the river.

"Yes Harry"

"Look we've been together for a month now, and I just feel like i'm hiding a really important part of me from Ron and Hermione." Bella smiled at him for a moment. " I'm a part of you?" Harry leaned over and pecked her on her lips. "Yes."

"Harry I understand really I do....but Draco. If he was to find out, twin or not a twin he would surely tell my father...and that could be really bad news." Her voice cracked a little as she thought of the possible outcome. " You can trust them Bell. They know all sorts about me which has never and will never escape their mouths. Trust me Bell....." Harry embraced Bella into a cuddle as they sat and Bella tried to make up her mind. "Look Bell," Harry said after a while,"I'm not saying today or anything..."

"No Harry your right. They are your close friends and they deserve to know, and Ethel."

"And Ginny, she and Hermione hate keeping secrets from each other"

"When should we tell them?"

"No time like the present I guess," Harry and Bella both made their way to the great hall for dinner and told Ethel, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to meet at Hagrids hut after dinner . 

One by one they all arrived at the hut, where Hagrid was gardening outside. " Harry i'm so nervous" whispered Bella as she watched everyone find a seat. Harry looked at Bella for a spare moment and then whispered " I love you." As Bella's face flooded with happiness and love Harry began to address their friends. "Hi look everybody. we have something really important that we need to ell you, Belladonna and I are well..together," Everyone began to gasp. " and we really need you all to keep it to yourselves."

"Why?" said Ethel 

"Because Ethel, think of what Draco or any other Slytherin might do if they were to find out, please Ethel as my best friend, as all of you as our friends, we didn't want to keep it a secret from you all. But we just really need to know that your on our side and well not telling or making anything obvious." There was a short silence where Bella and Harry looked desperately at each other. "Fine" all the heads in the room snapped round to look at Ethel. "But I'm warning you Harry, I love her too much so you better protect her." Bella leapt over and gave Ethel a massive bear hug, and Ethel began to giggle. All the others then agreed and began to talk excitedly to get the details about the un-foreseen relationship.

A week later Harry and Bella were sitting alone underneath the Gryffindor quidditch bleacher. " Harry the other day you said you loved me"

" Yeah," He looked down awkwardly but then looked straight up at Bella" and I ment it. Belladonna Malfoy in the two months that I have really gotten to know you, I have not developed one of those boyfriend kind of crushes, but love." His face turned into a gigantic grin, " I really do love you Bella!" Bella was speechless for a moment. "I love you too" she whispered. "really I do Harry, your right it doesnt feel like a feels...." she sighed and looked down " It feels so much more...real." She began to scratch at her left arm where she had a faded dark mark, which was more of a birth mark than literal meaning. Harry looked down at her arm which was covered by her black cardigan which Bella was scratching rather intensely. " Is your arm ok?" 

"Yeah Yeah." Bella thought about the dark mark on her arm for a moment. If Harry loved her and she him, she didnt want to keep secrets from him. "I need to tell him" she began to say in her head, "If we love each other he will understand.....i can't love him and lie to him at the same time." She began to increase the speed in which she scratched her arm Why was it hurting so much all of a sudden? "Bella what is wrong with your arm?" Before Bella had time to pull back her arm, Harry had taken hold of her arm and pulled back the sleeve. "BELLA! are you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your not......Bella what is this?" 

"Its not what it looks like harry! this," she pointed at the mark, " this is a birth mark its kind of something you get if your parents are death eaters, it doesn't mean I'm one Harry" She looked desperately into Harry's eyes. "But I......I need to tell you something."

"What?" said Harry, who had slowly began to calm down after being told Bella wasn't a death eater. " Look I love you and you know that which I is why I have to tell you something, because I don't want to keep secrets from you know my parents are death eaters and voledmorts main aim to kill you. He tasked my family...well me to spy on you and report back anything that might help him destroy you. And at first I...obliged because if I didn't Voldemort would have hurt my family, but now i don't want to....i cant and I'm scared...." Tears slowly began to bubble at the rim of Harry's eyes. He the suddenly bolted up and began to shout angrily at Bella. " What! you were spying on me! Is this" he motioned at the both of them " Is this even real or is it a tactic for you so spy and get information on me." Harry was fuming and tears began to fall down both of their faces. " How am I supposed to trust you! I......I.....can't be around you Bella, Im just........." Harry stormed off with tears in his eyes. "HARRY! HARRY PLEASE! IM SORRY!" Bella crumbled onto the floor and burst into tears and wept into her hands " Harry im sorry."

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