Belladonna Malfoy

Belladonna Malfoy is Draco's younger sister and just happens to be his twin. Unlike her family Bella does not wish to join the dark lord but for the sake of her family joins in. After being tasked to spy on Harry, she slowly begins to fall in love with Harry and neither of them know how to stop, until something serious happens and the Dark Lord finds out.
Harry and Bella are 17 and the timing does not follow that of the original books.


9. Masterclass

Tomorrow came quicker than Bella had expected. She rolled over in her bed and hissed at Ethel to wake up. "mmmmm Bella," Ethel rubbed the sleep lazily out of her eyes."When did you get back? what...what time is it?"

"Its only 4:30 so get up we need to talk." Bella bolted up and put on her dressing room and made her way down to the empty common room. Ethel grumbled for a few minutes and then followed Bella. Ethel then curled up on the sofa. "Bell could rhis not have waited we have school in a couple hours and I have now missed out on valuable sleepy time!"

"No now stop whining and listen." Bella slumped onto the sofa next to Ethel."Harry and I are keeping the baby." Ethel became alert at this sudden news. "Bella your both 17! how are you two going to raise a baby! have either of you thought this through! what about Draco. BELLA THIS IS SERIOUS!" 

"Ethel I know..." Bella then explained to Ethel the entire meeting with Dumbledore and the potion. Ethel sat quietly and then held Bellas hand." I still think your mad. Bell this is some serious shizz nick! you and Harry are putting yourselves  and the baby at risk by keeping it."

"I know but, Ethel...I couldn't be any more happy than I am now. Granted I am scared and  worried but Im having a baby with the guy of my dreams." Ethel nodded and then gave Bella a hug, and they both then fell asleep on the sofa.

"WAKEY WAKEY!!!! COCKLE DOOODLE DOOOOOOOOO!!!" Draco was screaming in Bella and Ethels ears. 

"Draco what the hell!" said Bella. She stopped and looked around her. Everyone was dressed and making their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. "Ethel we have to go." Ethel nodded and began to get up slowly and they both made their way past a cackling Draco. Bella as she walked past him punched him on the arm. "Why can't you just be normal." she hissed and flounced off. 


After breakfast before their first lessons, Harry had rounded up everybody and they were sitting at the back of an empty great hall. "Guys we have something serious that we need to tell you." everybody looked at Harry intently and there was the occasional glance at Bella who was trying very hard to not to make eye contact with anybody. "Bella and I are having a baby."

"Harry!" squealed Hermione, "You both are only 17! how can either of you be thinking of having a baby!"

"Miones right Harry," said Ron

"Harry and I didn't plan this baby. It was an accident which we have ultimately decided to keep."

"The problem Bell and I have is that our baby will be either valuable or a threat to Voldemort and what we really need is support." Hermione, Ron and Ginny all looked at Harry and Bella intently. 

"How are you going to look after the baby?" said Ginny

"We are going to look after the baby for the first few weeks in the room of requirement and then your Mum will look after the little one, untill Voldemort is defeated and then Bell and I can look after the baby." Hermione and Ginny nodded their heads in understanding. "Do you mean to say that my mum agreed to this before even consulting us" said Ron

"Yes.....but Ron it would only be during the term time, so you wouldn't actually be there with the baby." said Bella. Ron then nodded his head and they all sat in silence for some time. "Well if your happy, we're happy." began Hermione," and Im here to help."

"yeah me too." said Ginny, "Ron?"

"Yeah i guess, congratulation mate." Ron gave Harry a massive man hug and then hugged Bella. "So when is it due?"

"We don't know, actually Harry we have to get down to the hospital wing." 

"Ahh right. yeah thank you guys for being supportive, we really really really appreciate it. see you all later." They all said their goodbyes and Harry and Bella made their way down to the hospital wing. To their surprise McGonagall and Snape were already down their waiting. "and where might I ask have you both been." droned Snape.

"We had a few loose ends to tie up." said Harry

"Well well come along Madam Pomfrey has been waiting and has a special bed in the corner." hurried McGonagall. They all made their way swiftly over to the bed where Madam Pomfrey was standing. "Bella, Harry how are we both?" said Madam Pomfrey in a cheery voice "Well Thanks." 

"Right Bella if you want to just pop onto the bed, right now your in luck! because I used to be a midwife so I know everything that is going to happen and I will be here if you feel weird or just need to go over things. This is the bed that I will do all your scans and consltations on, aswell as deliver your baby. The bed has been charmed so it is sound proof and the curtains have a protective spell around it so only people we allow in can see whats behind it." Bella and Harry were both nodding their heads like a bobble dog., " Right now if Miss McGonagall and Professor Snape would kindly leave I wish to run a few checks on Bella."

"Ok, Bella I will see you in a few days to see how you are getting on" said McGonagall. With that McGonagall and Snape left the hospital wing, where Bella was holding Harrys hand for comfort. "Right then Belladonna, lets see when this one is due...................................mmmmmmmm I would say around Setember the 21st." She smiled at Bella, a nice Autumn baby." Bella and Harry smiled uncontrollably. "Now as I am sure you are aware, from now on no alcohol.....not that either of you should be having any.....I will write you up a diet plan to ensure a really healthy baby, get as much excersie as you can, and don't do anything too strenuous...that means no more quidditch or sports."

"Oh my goodness thank you! I hate sports soo much!" Madam Pomfrey smiled,

"I will want to see you once a week to avoid any problems and when you come back in September, I will discuss what will happen with the delivery. Does everything make sense." Bella smiled and nodded.

"Thank you Madam Pomfrey" said Harry

"Don't worry love, Im actually quite excited, I used to love being a midwife." Madam Pomfrey left to see to another patient leaving Harry and Bella alone. "You ok Bell?"

"Yeah but I am seriously starving!" Harry left and the two of them left to go to the hall.

Weeks passed and true to her word Bella spoke to Narcissa once a week and had regular check ups. She was starting to show and found it hard to explain to people why she couldnt do various different activities. Bella was sitting eating her breakfast one morning when a letter flew in and landed in her food. It then puffed and began to talk"

Belladonna Malfoy, you are requested home Imediately,

love Dad"

"Bella looked at Draco who also had a confused look on his face.Bella then got up and made her way out of the hall. She was then suddenly joined by Harry. "Bell how are you going to get home?"

"I'll apperate."

"Bell you can't...the baby."

"oh. there is always the train...."

"I could fly you over on my broom." 

"Harry don't be ridiculous! you can't step anywhere near my house! Im going to go see Snape." Harrys eyes followed Bella as she made her way to the dungeons, "Fine I will just see you when you get back then!" Bella knocked on Snapes door. "Enter..."

"Um hi professor, I uh need your help." Snape snapped the book he was reading shut.

"To do what exactly?"

"I uh have been requested to go home immediately and I don't know how. I can't apperate and Harry can't fly me on his broom so..."

"I have some floo powder Miss Malfoy and yes you may use it, and yes this is the room that you must return to, and No. I do not know why you are being summoned." Bella looked shocked for a moment. She had not even asked why she was supposed to go home. "Thank you." Bella took a small handful of the powder and said "Home." Whinthin seconds she was standing in front of Lucious, Narcissa, Bellatrix and Voldemort. Bella flashed a worried look at Narcissa who gave her no expression back in return. "Belladonna" Hissed Voldemort, "I was begining to worry that I hadn't seen you in a while.....anything you whish to tell me..." Bella went into a state of panic. She began to sweat uncontrollably  and her breathing became erratic. He knew, Bella knew that he knew. "I understand Bella that you still must keep up pretences but I expect to hear from you a lot more often than I am now." Bella was speechless, what was she going to say. "That is all I have to say to you Bella......Keep me do not whish to make me angry." Voldemort and Bellatrix then left and Bella almost collapsed. Lucious left the room to make sure there were no other death eaters in the house. "Mum" Bella managed in a husky voice" he didnt say anything about the you know what!" By this point Bella was on the floor being held by her mother. "He doesnt know yet Bella."

"But I thought.."

"No everything is ok." Bella relaxed. "But Bell this is starting to get serious." 

"I know mum. I know."

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