the unknown

"Something really smooth and delicate brushed my lips and a wonderful feeling surged through my body which is what bought me back down to earth..."


2. two

The storm came from nowhere. It was dark and cold, the way mondays in december should be. The first thing i saw was a single snowflake. A minute later, i couldn't see anything else.

I rurned into the estate and saw that the road was deserted. Normally, there is at least one crew hanging around. They stand by the big blue bins under the first flats and shout at me as i walk home from school.They call me 'nerd' and 'gay' and 'little perv' and all kind of things that don't reach my mind. My life is like that- no real mates to stand up for me, because they say that they know about my dad, my mom won't tell me where or why he's gone, she says that, there will come a time when i don't even need a dad. But i'm not bothered, not anymore. I'm used to it. There are normally some adults about on the estate as well. But on that day there was no one. I was the only loser outside.

My legs started to shake with the cold. The shivers went right to the top of my spine, which made my body straighten as i walked through the snow. My mums flat was on the other side of the estate, where it backs onto the rail line, and it feels like an earthquake every time a train passes by, because i feel the shivers in my feet. I started to run, in the hope that i could get inside before the weather got even worse and the bullies came out. It was a stupid thing to do. The soles of my shoes had no grip, so i started to slip. The snow was so heavy that it had covered everything in minutes. The parked cars looked like igloos, and i couldn't see my mum's flat anymore.

I didn't stop running, no matter how much i slid around. The jacket i was wearing was too thin to handle this weather, so as i fought my way through the wind my jacket pulled off. My grey school trouser were soaked from my ankles to my knees. My bag full of books i love to read, was bouncing of my back and kept digging into my lower back which slowed me down. I took a left then a right, and every street i ran into was deserted like the last one.

The wind made the snowflakes swirl almost making a snow tornado. Home was still 100 meters away. I started to jog a little faster, but i couldn't see a thing. I knew i had to go straight , but i didn't know which way straight was anymore. I wondered why there was so much snow. Why no one was around. The estate felt creepy and dead. The only noise came from the wind. I couldn't even hear any cars or trains. It was like the whole world had ended and i was the only survivor.

My right knee cracked into a parked car, and i felt myself fall, almost in slow motion. My head smacked agains a bin and hit the ground. There was a shock and pain, and then i passed out.


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