Journal of the 25 Days of Christmas

Im going to tell you about my days leading up until Christmas!! I will use real names.


3. Wednesday: December 3rd, 2014


I was supposed to sit next to Sam and Eric on the bus and I was freaking out and there wasn't enough room so he sat behind me. I had to gather a lot of courage and then turn around and say 'hi' to him. He said it back and then a little later he poked me in the side and whispered something in my ear. I thought he said 'I like you' but it turns out he said 'I love you'! 

Well our first 3 period classes were only 25 minutes long and then we went to an assembly about Rachel's Challenge. When we first went in I was sitting next to Jasmine at first and then on my other side there was a kid named Conner and then we had to move down a little and I ended up sitting next to Sam. Well, then a teacher told us that we had to go down and fill the bottom rows I was happy because I was nervous sitting next to him. Later on in the assembly the lady that was presenting the Rachel's Challenge told us to close our eyes and listen to her. We all did. I started to tear up as she talked to us while we had our eyes closed, I wanted to ball my eyes out but held it in because I didn't want everyone to think bad of me. I think that Rachel's Challenge touched the students at our school and inspired them. 

We went to lunch after that and I sat with Jasmine and Kirsten.

During lancer time(study hall) I didn't want to be in it because Sam was and I get nervous around him. So, I went to the math room and he went too. When I was done in there he came back too. He wanted to sit next to me when I sat on the floor but I said no. He understood.

After 7th period I was supposed to meet him at the drinking fountains to give him a hug but I avoided it and didn't hug him. 

When I got home, I did my math homework and played some games on my chromebook.

Well, My life is a mess mom is yelling at me and I'm trying to drown out the world with music. My mom hates me! I like being at school because my home life sucks! When kids are mean to me at school or I have a bad day at school it makes my life tough and I feel like no one loves me anymore!

Jasmine is my best friend! We have a relationship most friends don't. We are close in different way. Jasmine is there when I need someone to talk to or a friend's shoulder to cry on. She is the one that I hate at on minute and then the next we are closer than ever. She is my best friend. I have known her since first grade. She supports me when i'm going through tough times and she is all ears. She tells me everything and I do the same. She acts like she hates me but overall she doesn't. I love my best friend and I want to thank her for that!

ily Candy Canes -Princess

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