Journal of the 25 Days of Christmas

Im going to tell you about my days leading up until Christmas!! I will use real names.


4. Thursday: December 4th, 2014


I sat with him this morning on the bus. We had what you can call a chaperone with us. I was stuck in the middle of them both. It was fun I held my boyfriend's hand and sat together. We said I love you too each other for the first time. Later, they both tickled me too death. It was really fun. I saw him when I was coming too 2nd period and I almost ran into him.

In 2nd period we had a test and we had time to study before. I got a 70% on the test but she has not gone back over it. I read my biography for a little. I can't wait to switch classes in a little so that I can see my bf.

I'm in Lancer Time and I just got back from Mrs.Korte's. I'm listening to 'I Wish You Were Here' by Avril Lavigne it is a good song. My Lancer Time is so boring.... :P Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream!!

I want to see Sam in the hall but idk where he is...I think he is in Science right now then idk and then quire. I'm supposed to hug him at the end of the day. He is meeting me at my locker. It is 1:22 and we switch at 1:33 in 11 minutes!!!!!! I hope that those 11 minutes go quick. The time is going sooooooooo slow!!!! It is 1:26 right now. Now, 1:28.  Two minutes, because it is 1:31. Well the bell rang so bye!

I don't feel like putting the rest of the day so ya.... 

ily Candy Canes -Princess

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