Journal of the 25 Days of Christmas

Im going to tell you about my days leading up until Christmas!! I will use real names.


5. Friday: December 5th, 2014


9:10 I almost fell completely asleep during first period and one of the teachers came to me and said 'you need to get up'. I sat up and listened to the rest of the story. It was a weird story and I was trying to envision it. My day is going to be long, I know it will be. 

9:19 I'm getting ready to take another Social Studies test. I hope it goes well.....

9:23 Well I got a 70% again.

5:10 p.m I'm gonna miss my boo!! I have stuff to do this weekend and I won't be able to talk too him!!! :'( Why do I have to be busy? If I miss a couple of days don't be a hater bc I will post when I want and on my time! Getting in my car so gtg!

6:23 p.m. Well.


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