Poem: The Earth is Beautiful

The poem is written by myself, it expresses the way I feel. I hope you like it, and I also hope it influences you to try and change the world!


1. The Earth is Beautiful


The Earth is Beautiful 




The Earth is beautiful, all Gods creation,
So, poaching, pollution, deforestation?
How do we look around and see animals roam?
hen most humans anyway are looking down at their phone,

The Earth is beautiful, beautiful places,
So murder, shootings, police chases? 
How do we love each other and do good deeds?
When most humans anyway won't even feel the breeze,

The Earth is beautiful, that was once found,
So wars and enemies and battle grounds?
How do we bow down and put it all right, 
When most humans anyway are happy to win the fight.

The Earth is beautiful, it's not too late to change, 
So, smile, love and engage? 
How do we go out and put our change to the test,
Well, show them what's right and aim for success.






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