The five nights.

There's a new night guard. And the animatronics aren't happy. Follow James Matkovic as he spends a week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, trying to survive the night as he narrowly avoids the animatronic characters that are trying to kill him.


1. The first night "Figuring things out."

James sat in his chair quietly, obviously nervous about his first night at the strange pizzeria. He checks the cameras, noticing one of the animatronics, Chica, was not on the stage

"What?" he says to himself and checks the other cameras, finding the animatronic chicken in the party room, staring at the camera with her horrifically realistic eyes. James cringed and checked Pirate Cove, seeing Foxy. James blinks and looks closer, then sees Foxy twitch slightly. James checks the rest of the cameras before lowering his tablet, looking to the door of his left then pressing the light button, quickly closing the door when he sees bonnie in the doorway

"What is up with these things..." he mumbles under his breath, jumping when he hears bonnie bang on the door, he then sighs and goes back to checking the cameras, closing the doors when the animatronics are there, reserving the power until 6 a.m when the animatronics go back to their spots. James sighs, relieved and leans back in his chair

"First night...done.." he says and chuckles, seeing he had 20% of his power left.

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