The five nights.

There's a new night guard. And the animatronics aren't happy. Follow James Matkovic as he spends a week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, trying to survive the night as he narrowly avoids the animatronic characters that are trying to kill him.


2. Night two "The man on the phone"

James sat in his chair, yawning softly before hearing the phone ring. He raises his eyebrow and answers the phone

"Um...Freddy Fazbear's may I help you?" he asks

"Hello? Um, hello?? Well uh... So you made it to your second night huh? I knew it would be easy for you. know that red fox that hides out in pirate cove? He was deactivated because of an accident that forced us out of business and made us have to deactivate one of our animatronics.. he's a fox too.. like Foxy.. I don't know what happened to him.. he might still be in parts and service. Not sure...but, uh.. I figured I'd pre-record these messages for you... I'm actually about to finish my fifth night! Um...well, good luck..conserve your power!" A mysterious voice says before hanging up.

James thinks for a moment then shrugs "Parts and service, eh?" he says to himself, checking the cameras then goes to the camera labeled 'Parts/Service' It shows a small room, a few scrapped animatronic parts scattered around the room. His eyes then widen as he sees a whole animatronic, hunched over against the wall like a dead body. The animatronic looks like a tan fox, tears, scratches and cracks all over his suit, revealing the endoskeleton underneath

" that the animatronic that guy was talking about?" he says to himself and looks closer, the animatronic's eyes flicker before glowing.  The robotic fox slowly raises it's head to the camera and twitches, sparks flying out of it's neck. James' eyes widen before he checks the other cameras quickly, closing a door when an original animatronic appeared at it.  This went on until 6 a.m. He sighs and sits back in his chair, taking one last look at the Parts and service camera, the unknown animatronic still staring right at the camera. For the rest of the day, James thinks about that same animatronic, it's blue glowing eyes, it's badly damaged suit and the way it twitched.


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