The five nights.

There's a new night guard. And the animatronics aren't happy. Follow James Matkovic as he spends a week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, trying to survive the night as he narrowly avoids the animatronic characters that are trying to kill him.


3. Night three "That strange fox..."

It was the third night. James looked in the camera as he listened to the voice in the phone ramble on about the animatronics, almost instantly checking Parts and service, seeing the unknown fox character now standing up in front of the camera, still staring at it silently

"Jesus..." he mumbles under his breath before checking the other cameras. He sees Foxy is out of pirate cove so he checks the hallway and quickly closes the door when he sees Foxy running down the hallway. Foxy slams into the door, taking a bit of James' power. James sighs seeing his power go down

"This isn't gonna be easy...." he says softly then checks the cameras again. Freddy and chica were off the stage, And the unknown fox was not in parts and service anymore

"Oh, god..." he mumbles and closes the door to keep chica and freddy out, opening the other door after foxy left only to close it again when Bonnie came along. He starts freaking out as his power is down to 5%, the clock saying it was 5:58 AM.

"c'mon turn to 6 AM!!" he yells at the clock, practically trembling in his chair, he jumps when he hears a bang on the window, turning the light on to see the same unknown fox banging on the window, it's jaw opened limply, it's eyes glowing brightly but it stops abruptly and goes back to the parts & service when it turns to 6 AM

"Thank god.....thank god.." he says softly and sighs with relief.

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