The five nights.

There's a new night guard. And the animatronics aren't happy. Follow James Matkovic as he spends a week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, trying to survive the night as he narrowly avoids the animatronic characters that are trying to kill him.


4. Night four "What happened to the voice..."

James had made it to his fourth night, he answered the phone when it started ringing

"Hello?" james says

"Hello, hello? Hey, wow!  Night 4...I knew you could do it....uh, hey listen.. I might not be able to send you a message's-it's been a bad night here...for me...Uh, I-I'm kinda glad I got to record these messages for you when I did.." the voice says, a clear banging sound able to be heard "Uh, hey...could you do me a favor? *bang bang* Maybe sometime you could...check inside the suits in the back room? *bang bang bang* I'm gonna try to hold out until someone checks them...maybe it won't be so bad.. *bang bang* I've always wondered what was in those heads.....You know.. Oh no.." he says before being cut off by an animatronic screech then the phone call ends

"What the..." james mumbles and looks at the phone. For the rest of the night he checks the cameras and does other things apart of his usual routine, having 1% of his power left.

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