The five nights.

There's a new night guard. And the animatronics aren't happy. Follow James Matkovic as he spends a week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, trying to survive the night as he narrowly avoids the animatronic characters that are trying to kill him.


5. Night five "The last night"

James stays silent, wondering what happened to the voice in the phone. He checks the cameras like usual, seeing all the animatronics gone already

"Aw come on!" he groans and closes both doors, chica and bonnie then banging on them, he continues checking the cameras and sees the other fox is out of parts & service

"uh oh.." he mumbles and jumps, hearing banging on one of the windows, then sees a crack appear in it

"Oh god please no..." he mumbles, pushing himself in a corner, jumping as the glass breaks and the fox jumps into the room followed by the others.  

"No! No!!" he screams and tries to kick them away, but the fox grabs him and pulls him over, a loud whirring sound being emitted from it

"N-No stop!!" he screeches as Bonnie brings in an empty yellow Freddy Fazbear suit.

"P-Please no!!" he yells before screaming in pain as they all tried to stuff him into the suit, his arms and legs breaking. He coughs up a bit of blood and groans in pain, being unable to move now

"" he groans as the clock turns to 6 am while the suit is carried out of the room and thrown into a closet. 

James Matkovic' body was soon found in the closet a few weeks later, his body was long dead and very decayed. The faculty were forced to shut down the Pizzeria again and the animatronics were deactivated. The strange animatronic fox was then revealed to be Feriah The Fox. An old animatronic that used to play drums for the band back in 1987 before the pizzeria closed down. 

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