Necromaner files

How about creating your own dream guy?


1. Prologue

I drew up in the driveway and saw the couple packing the last stuff. The house stood in harmony with the trees and the bushes around it.

I can't believe I bought this. And how anyone want to move?

I parked the car and walked over to the old owner of the house, Mr. Leasly, who was not only handsome but also had an extremely attractive wife.

"Hi!" He yelled and sat the box down. "You must be the new owner of this beauty!" I nodded and showed the spare keys that I have been given. "Yes, that's me. Although I can not understand why you two wanna leave." He shrugged at my statement. "We just... wanna forget the past, you know." I nodded.

I understood. I wanted to do that myself.

Then his wife came into the light after have been walking in the shadows around the house. Up close you could really see how detailed she were. Down to perfection. Her hair looked like a dream. Brown with every strand landing perfectly on her shoulders.

She then suddenly grabbed my hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you. You are so lucky getting this house." She smiled at me. "Yearh, there was a big fight with to biddings so when you came with your bidding we said yes." He finished and snuck his arm around her. "What?" Mrs. Leasly opened her eyes and exclaimed: "Yearh they were up around 2 million dollars." like it was no big deal.

My mouth dropped. "Against my poor 405k?" Mr. Leasly's smile turned into a smirk. "We don't need money. We just wanted to give this precious to someone whom didn't want to build it into a large hotel..."

A silence fell around us. We all felt a little awkward because money is such a harsh topic as it is. And especially with strangers. "Well we'll get going. Good luck with your house." Mr. Leasly said before they packed the last boxes and drove away, leaving me alone at the house.

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