The best thanksgiving break mystery ever

It is about a girl name Felicia and her house has a danger inside it.


3. What is the danger in my new house?

    “Who is that figure? Why i am i in danger? What is the danger in my house? Why did the person selling the  house not mention the danger?” Felicia thought.

    They left the house and went to an abandoned warehouse. They the figure said”Hello my name is Augustus, if you were wondering. I am now ready to tell you about the danger, but brace yourself.”

    “Brace myself for what?” Felicia thought

    "Your house was owned by the most dangerous and person killing killer. He died at your house hiding from the cops. He was there for a long time and he had no food or water after a while and well you know, died. Now he haunts the house and said he would never leave." said Augustus.

     "How are we going to get him to leave?" asked Felicia and her friends, which if you didn't know came with her.

     "It's going to take some planning." said Augustus. 



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