The best thanksgiving break mystery ever

It is about a girl name Felicia and her house has a danger inside it.


1. What is going on?

This is a story of the mysterious events that happened to a collage girl named Felicia. She bought a house because she didn’t want to live in a college dorm anymore. It was tuesday morning not a cloud in the sky. Just to make things better it was thanksgiving break. How much fun this  break will be Felicia though, but the events that are about to happen might prove her wrong.

    That day things started getting a little weird. Her house would shake, the doors would slam on their own. Felicia started to freak  out, then she thought it was her imagination. I can tell it definitely was not.

    Later she felt something weird was going on and all the sudden book started flying off the shelves. Then she knew something was going on and it was not good.  She soon called a friend and said please come over i need help figuring out what is going on. Her friend quickly came over and set up her camcorder.They found something that amazed them. Her camcorder caught nothing but a mouse running across the floor, so they called another friend that had a heat  signature camera. She came over and what they found will amaze you.

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