The best thanksgiving break mystery ever

It is about a girl name Felicia and her house has a danger inside it.


2. The Figure!

They were not alone. There was some type of figure standing before them, that they could only see on the camera. It got very quiet, then she said who are you. There was no reply. Then it picked up a photo album, that was there when Felicia moved in and the figure flipped to a page with a picture of a young boy, that was crying.

    All at once they heard a voice say, “This is me, when i was little. My sister had died and i was very sad. I  was just here visiting my old house, because i wanted find the evil thing that was here when i lived in this house. I moved out of this house 90 years ago. I was 20,i had gotten my own place, and had a family. I past away 10 years ago and i have been searching for this house, to warn people of the dangers. I have found the danger and it is way worse than I though. Did you just move in?”

    “Yes, I have and some really strange things are happening. Can you tell me what is going on?” Said Felicia.

    The voice said, “ Yes but not here, I will make myself visible so you can see me. This house is not safe.”

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