The best thanksgiving break mystery ever

It is about a girl name Felicia and her house has a danger inside it.


4. Making a plan!

          What are we supposed to do? said Felicia. Her and her friends were very scared so they got a hotel room, until they get rid of him(that killer ghost  that haunts the house). 

         It is going to takes a lot of work to get the plan perfect. This thing is not going to leave easily. There is a 1 out of 10 chance that we will get it to leave. 

         "First we must find his weakness(s) and allergies. You may find this weird but even as a GHOST, you still have allergies, not as a spirit. Then, we combine them together and built a machine so frightening and weird that it will cause him to weaken, then will he leave and never come back because we will burn candles that contain some of the things that weaken him." Felicia said with triumph.

         "Alright let's start researching" said her and her friends.

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