The best thanksgiving break mystery ever

It is about a girl name Felicia and her house has a danger inside it.


5. Let's research!

             "Okay says here that he hates the smell of cookies, because it makes him WEAK." said Augustus.

            "Right here says he is badly allergic to peaches, and even if he smells them he has to go to the hospital." said one of Felicia's friends.

           "Wow this is great we can bake cookies and smash peaches on a table, then put tiny bites of the smashed peaches into a tiny cup, then we scatter them around the house. Is there any information that we should be aware of?" said Felicia.

          " Yes, he loves to scare people with a floating lamp, and flying books across the room violently. Be very careful or you could be hurt." said Augustus.

          "Alright lets get to work" said Felicia.

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