They're coming...

They are coming. If you read this, you cannot breathe a word to anyone alive.

Or, dead.


5. Pain.

Suddenly, pain tears through my shoulder as I crumple onto the floor.

I hear them, them, them, them. They're here here here here....helphelphelphelp. Pain.Rawpainpainpain. They are screaming my name. now they whisper it. whisper whisper. whisper. whisper. Madness descends over me. I'm blind, can't seeseeseesee. helpmepleasehelpmeplease. Makethemstop. painpainpainpain. redredredredredredred. I can't feel anythinganythinganything. Only one thing I could make out clearly, against this blood backdrop.

They had got me.

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