The Joker's Son

The Joker was silent that night. For the first time since he got admitted the Arkham Asylum. Wandering through the halls tonight however, is a little boy with a cackle that could crack even the most stable of souls.
I have no clue what to do for a description, as it's just a short, but if it's wanted I'll write more about how The Joker's son grows up and goes to school and stuff :) Sorry for any inaccuracies xD Please just tell me about them and they'll be fixed A.S.A.P :D Link to original cover picture:


1. The Little Boy in Arkham's Halls

This was unusual. The Joker was....quiet. Normally you could hear his echoing, chilling laugher reverberate off the walls of Arkham Asylum, but tonight he was silent. Gregory hated his job. He was always put in harms way, and what for? Minimum pay, that's what. When he retired, he was going to write an autobiography on his life, which would hopefully be turned into a huge Hollywood production, which would undeniably be an eighteen plus horror (and make him lots of money). Gregory stood there, his gun clasped close to his chest. He regretted ever wanting an exciting life. At this moment in time, he would take a boring, nine to five office job in a heart beat. Heart beat. He could feel his in his chest. He counted them to distract himself. One. Two. Three. He nearly forgot to breathe. One. Two. Three. Breathe. One. Two. Three. Breathe. He closed his eyes and continued this pattern for about five minutes. He often had to do this to calm himself down. Upon opening his eyes, he nearly jumped out of his skin. It wasn't anything scary, which was a relief, but...a Arkham Asylum?


A little boy of around four years stood in front of him, staring up at him expectantly. His stormy grey eyes were wide with anticipation. He wore a pair of denim blue dungaree's and red wellies, his black t-shirt crumpled underneath, and his mattered black hair sticking out at all angles. In his left hand he had tight hold of the arm of a doll. It's material skin was snow white, it's hair half black, and half red. It's clothes were the same, but opposite to the hair. It's button eyes were sewn on with red thread, making them look like they were bleeding, and it's mouth was sewn on with green thread. That thing about the kid not being scary? Gregory took it back. Well, what the kid was lugging around with him was creepy, but the kid himself look kind of cute. Gregory sighed.

“What's a little boy like you doing here?” he asked, bending down so he was on eye level with the boy. He needed to be friendly with the kid in order to be able to convince him to come to Commissioner Gordon. He'd know what to do. It'd give him an excuse to leave his post, and distract himself. It's not like anyone was going to break out. The boy smiled cheekily at him.

“Not telling!” he giggled, rocking from heel to toe excitedly.

“Well, you can at least tell me your name, can't you?” Gregory said. Thinking about it, the kid being here was...unnatural...Not like the kid had done anything wrong, but how on earth did he get here? There was either a serious breach in security, or it was bring your kid to work day and no one had told him.


“My name's Zane!” he smiled.

“That's an unusual name, isn't it? I'm Gregory, nice to meet you,” he replied.

Zane suddenly stopped rocking, and his expression turned to one a child should not hold. Oddly serious. He cocked his head to one side suddenly, putting his hands behind his back. The creepy doll peered at Gregory from behind his back, which freaked him out.

“Lets play a game of hide and seek. My game of hide and seek. It's different to normal games. My game is more...exciting...” he said in a low pitch.

“Now's really not the time or place-” before Gregory could finish, the boy had turned and ran down the corner. Gregory contemplated running after the boy. He couldn't afford to waste too much time chasing him around, as he'd leave his post for far too long. However, the kid could be in serious danger if left to run around on his own. Gregory sighed.

“Wait!” he yelled, tailing after the kid, who was laughing as he ran, the sound reverberating off the walls of Arkham Asylum in an eerily familiar fashion.


The kid had a trail of around seven guards off duty following him when he finally stopped.

“This isn't funny any more, kid. Now lets just go-”

“I think it's funny,” Zane said, “It's funny how you want to stop playing before I've put down the final card.” The seven men looked at Zane in shock as he said something far too articulate for a boy of his age to say. He must have had heard this phrase often, or maybe been told to say this. It was more likely someone around him had said something similar to make him repeat it. That's what children do. Right? One of the guards laughed.

“And what's that kid?” he smiled playfully at him, trying to coax the kid towards him with friendly gestures. The little boy smiled. But it wasn't a normal smile. It was a smile that was twisted, crooked....insane...The little boy hugged his rag doll toy tightly, so it's piercing button eyes glared at the guards. He took a deep breath and smirked.

“The Joker,” he said. Gregory didn't even have time to react before prisoners descended from the ceiling on wires and scooped all the guards up. We were all dead before we could scream.

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