NaNoWriMo: Tell Me Why

It's about a boy, who has a sister that has a lot of problems, and she meets this boy with some of the same problems, and then her brother has a problem.


8. Recovery Sucks

 I absolutely hate recovery. Recovery sucks. The nurses put a tube inside my belly, to pump foods through it. Now they want me to scarf down this hospital food that will probably give me diarrhea if I eat this. I didn’t eat because they said that I won’t be able to go home if I didn’t eat. I didn’t want to go home. Everyone hates me. I asked them if I could see my friend Reed that I came to visit a couple of days ago. They made a deal with me that if I ate what they put in front of me, that I was aloud to see him. So I ate the food. I chewed quickly because I got excited. A doctor got me a wheelchair, and sat me in it next to this weird thing that makes sure I’m breathing, have enough blood, and am not about to die from lack of food.


Butterflies grew inside my stomach like there was a thousand chrysalises in there. I didn’t know whether or not to be excited or embarrassed. Well, no matter what me and Reed could feel the same emotions, considering we were both in this stupid hospital. When I arrived, I saw Reed’s stunned face. He started to cry, not tear up... cry.


“Did you do it because of me?”

“What? Reed, I didn’t do what you did. I just... well...”


“They told me I had anorexia nervosa. It’s this...”

“I know what it is.”

“Is that why you don’t eat at lunch, or not want to go on a date with me?”

“Uhh, you never asked me out on a date.”

“Neither have you.”

“Well, I would gladly go out on a date with you if you were manly enough to make the moves like the man is supposed to.”

He started to blush and said “Cool! So when we both get out of here..”

“Well. they are making me go to a facility, after that.”

“Me too, which one are you going to?”

“I’m going to this place called (Kid’s Place) in Maine.”

“Same! When are you going there?”

“I think tomorrow, how about you?”

“Same!” We totally forgot that there was a Doctor in the room, and looked over to notice she was smiling.

“This will be easy for both of you to recover right?” She implied.


“U wanna have a date now?”

“As long as you eat.”



We both said at the same time, as we stared into each others eyes. For the entire day, I hung out with Reed, talking to him about my likes and dislikes. He kept telling me how beautiful I was, and how I didn’t need to lose any weight. Now I wanted to stop, I just didn’t want to admit it. Doctors left us alone to talk for the day, and checked in on both of us to make sure we were both okay. Mainly, Reed. Reed told me how he wanted to steal a switchblade for me, and got chased by the cops, not knowing what else to do but hurt himself so there were no charges against him.  We decided to ate lunch and dinner together. He smiled even bigger everytime he saw me eat a piece of food.  As the food went down my throat, I didn’t notice until I was done, that I ate quickly, didn’t count my bites, and actually enjoyed it, even though hospital food can make you sick.


It was curfew, and both Reed and I had to go to sleep. We hugged each other goodnight, and so I decided to kiss him for a long while to waste some of  my sleep time. He smiled at me after we were done hearing the doctors yelling at us both to get some sleep. I couldn’t stop laughing as I fell asleep. Like I cared what the doctors thought. Tonight... for the first time... I was going to have good dreams instead of nightmares.


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