NaNoWriMo: Tell Me Why

It's about a boy, who has a sister that has a lot of problems, and she meets this boy with some of the same problems, and then her brother has a problem.


1. I hate introductions, so keep reading

You probably think I’m about to tell you that this whole story is going to be about how “I” found out we were living in a Dystopian society like all of those other creeps. Well, no. I am going to tell you the story of my life. And please, don’t bring up that stupid One Direction song that all the cheerleaders and preppy kids sing. I don’t want to give you a stupid introduction every other stupid person writes, so I’ll give you my story...


Sometimes I wonder if I’m in a Dystopian society without even knowing, because of the illusion of a perfect Utopian world. I wonder if humans don’t actually go to sleep at night, but that we have to live to uniform expectations, because the Doctor’s say it’s good for my health. When I got allergy testing, the Doctor said that it would feel like a pine cone would just rub against me. It felt a million times worse than that. And when my friend got laser surgery on her birthmark to get removed, they said it would feel like the slap of a rubber band. She said it felt like knives stabbing her birthmark. And I wonder what the constant surveillance on our everyday internet is thinking right now as I write this. Our president is starting to act like a headstone we should worship.  He has baken soooo many laws in the last two years.


The surveillance people can probably hear me through the microphone of my computer telling my brother the truth. It wouldn’t surprise me if the swat team arrived within an hour or two. I’m surprised he won the election, the president.  We just have the stupidest, most oblivious people in our country. He also vetoed every freakin thing we, the people, bill. Our congress is soooo stupid that they won’t override the living crap out of the bills. Our president should be impeached. Less than half the country actually likes this guy. About twenty percent.  There’s a rumor that our president wasn’t even born in this country. It wouldn’t surprise me, he wrecked our country even more than it was already wrecked. A brave guy, the protagonist of this Dystopian society, stood up to hack all of the illegal stuff the Government was doing. The Government thought of him as a traitor, even though they are the traitors themselves. If I were to ask the Government a question it would be, is what you're doing for yourself, money, or to ruin our country? Or maybe I’m just paranoid like all other teens. Right now it’s the third of November and christmas music has been a daily tradition in my house since August. I don’t mind it, really. I’m just tired of all the cheesy music that I’m bored of after half a year. If you haven’t noticed, I get off topic half the time, so enjoy these diary excerpts, whoever middle aged scientist in the thousandth century is reading this right now. Also give my name a shout out to all of the aliens and unicorns you all (techy) people have discovered in other galaxies. TOLD YOU SO NASA! I can be very self-absorbed, but in a teen, girl way who isn’t allowed to date until she’s sixteen. And no, I’m not a teenage girl. I’m a fourteen and 5/7th’s year old boy. Although I hate being called a boy, because I’m the man of the house when my Dad goes out to Rite Aid  to sneak candy in the middle of the week.  Ok, I’m getting off track. I’ll start already. My sister is Ellie by the way, she’ turning fifteen in February, and no, were not twins. We are steps.


“Ellie, how come you're wearing long sleeves, it’s ninety degrees outside.”

“I’m cold.”She replied in an almost silent whisper, which caught my attention.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine, leave me alone.”

I obviously didn’t know how to act or respond to such an awkward conversation, so I left her alone. But I just couldn’t. I needed to know what she knew and I didn’t know. I patted her shoulder, and she jumped as if I startled her. She zoomed to the bathroom without a single word.

“What’s her problem?” My confusion lingered in the air all day. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Is she hiding something from me? I decided to brush this morning off her slate, and deal with my own problems. Right now I’m trying to catch up with all this stupid school work. I thought “I can get it done later.”, and turned on the XBOX in my bedroom. The graphics are so real! I can never get past the last level of CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS.

“Mattheeeeew!” The sound of my mom’s voice frightened me. If that was my dad, I’d be relaxed, but if you met my mom, you’d understand. I slid across the wood floor in my socks to her office.

“Yes mam.”

“ Did you finish your homework before you played your video games?”  I wanted to tell her the truth, but I also wanted to finish the level I was currently on.

“Yes mam.”

“Show me.”

“Ummmmmm, I finished it at school.”

“By the way, I text all your teachers, so if I find out that you missed an assignment, I’ll doc your allowance.”

“Yes mam.”  Phew.


I ran over into my room, shut off the console, and grabbed my history textbook. All night I worked on all the sections. I didn’t think it would take me till two in the morning. I’m glad I didn’t procrastinate until the next morning, but that night, all I could hear... was my sister crying. I lied on the ground, and peeked under the hole in the bottom of her door to see what was going on, but she blocked it with pillows.  Why should I care? She probably broke up with someone.

The next morning I got up right before my alarm clock beeped. Today, I didn’t want to go to school. Well, everyday I don’t want to go,but for the first time I actually got nervous on how well I was going to do on the test in history.  I have all c minuses, barely passing in all classes. My teachers are nice enough to give me extra credit homework, to pass. The rule in my house about report cards is, with every A you get on your report card, you get ten bucks.  What if today is the day I get an A+, which could possibly bring my grade up, which means if I keep trying I could get ten bucks for another video-game. What if the teachers secretly are trying to see if we are too smart, and would kill us for it! The teachers seem to be nicer to me than all the honors students. I think I’ll try, and if the teachers get mad, I’ll purposely fail the rest of my life. You only live once don’t you? I checked my I-pod to see what the temperature was going to be today. ONE HUNDRED AND THREE DEGREES! I hate life.


There was a knock at my door, so I said “Whaaaaat?”

“There’s breakfast on the table, and can the attitude.” Oops, that was my mom.  Biiiiig mistake. When I ate breakfast, my sister tip toed down the stairs. She had yet again, a long sleeved shirt on, but with a sweatshirt on top.  I didn’t ask this time, and assumed she was on her period or something, whatever that is. Her auburn hair was in her face, and black lines of  mascara ran down the side of it. Girls, they're so dramatic sometimes. When I ended up going to school, I was panicked. Was I going to die today? I thought I did WAAAAAY better on the test than I usually do on tests. A heave of frustration awakened me in class. And yes, I fell asleep.

“Your up early.” My wise but annoying teacher said. He was one of those wise, old guys who always  knows what to say and when to say it. I gave him a chuckle, and listened for the first time in class. At the end of class I got my grade back, but none else in the class did but me. “Who did you cheat from?”

I snapped at him with refusal of what I had said “Well as you might not know in that brain of yours, I have a very pressuring mom, and I’m smart!”

“Well smart-alec, then how come you fail my class all year and decide to show up on time now?”

“ I, uh, ... “ I didn’t have any idea of what to say. I felt a firm pat on my back, and was stunned when I realized everyone was clapping for me. All throughout the day I heard congratulations from everyone I saw. This felt good, but I didn’t win the Olympics, what’s everyone’s problem, did they think I had no brain in this skull? Although, if I were a straight A student now seeing this, I’d act as if their was a cure for Ataxia.


The only person who didn’t congratulate me was my sister. I didn’t see her all day at school. I asked around to find her, and tell her the good news, but I guess she was in a bathroom stall... crying. Everyone’s saying she’s so desperate to get attention, and that she probably had a breakup or something.  I didn’t really care, but some part of me knew something huge was wrong.  When I went home that day, I started the weirdest habit... for me. I did all of my homework before I played the Xbox.  The home phone in my house rang. I was horrified, thinking it was about something I did wrong. You know that feeling? Because you know you have done millions of things wrong this year... and last year. My mom picked up the phone, and I sat in my room acting like a perfect little teenage boy.  She skipped to my room, resting her elbow on the doorknob of the open door, while holding the phone to her ear. Confusion arose in her facial expression. All I could hear was my name over and over again in a cycle.

Her final words, “Ok, thank you for telling me.”She hung up the phone and smiled at me with a delighted expression on her face. “Is there something you wanna tell me?”

“Uhhhh, I got a hundred on my history test today.”  

She swung her meaty arms around me and whispered in my ear “I’m so proud of you.”

“Does this mean I get ten bucks?”

“Uh, yea if you keep your grade at an A- or lower.”


Suddenly I got really annoyed by all the stupid rules. If I was going to earn money, I’d have to do something else. But money was the last thing on my mind right now, and no my sister isn’t a big deal to me. She’s not even really related to me so why should I care? I don’t need to get into her business. But some part of me wanted to. At dinner time my she went out to run some aarons, (my sister). I maneuvered my way up the stairs, and peeked in her room to see if I could find any clues. It wasn’t messy, just disorganized. Her room was as neat as can be compared to my man cave. Clothes were everywhere in her room, In piles. Her bed wasn’t made, but neat enough to where you wouldn’t notice very much. I had no sight of any of her private diaries or songbooks. She usually had them on her white shelf next to her bed, but they were no where to be seen. She also must of removed all the tacs from her jewelry board, because those weren’t there either.


I glanced around the upstairs to see if anyone was watching me. Coast is clear. I slide, (like always) in my socks into her room. I see that  the glass on  her long mirror is shattered, with blood around it. She must of slipped and stepped on it by accident or something. But what I found under the glass was interesting. She must of ripped all the pictures of herself she could find in half. There was blood on the pictures as well. She must of been stupid enough to pick up the glass with her bare hands, without putting on gloves first, and pick up the pictures to rip them from anger.  At this point, I just knew she broke up with someone who called her ugly or something. I heard the front door downstairs creek open, and slipped into my room in a jiffy, relaxing a little more. I’d understand if someone broke up with her. I’m not saying she’s ugly or something, she’s just well, pale and wears black all the time. She puts on loads of makeup, not the goth kind. Although, the eyeliner is  kinda emo. I felt at ease at this point. Just a breakup. The drama should be over in about a week or so. When my sister came home I asked her where she went.


“Rite Aid.”

“What-ch ya get?”

“Oh, just some girl stuff you don’t wanna hear.” She replied quicker than I thought she would, and ran up stairs.

“Fine with me.”  It was time I get my life straightened out. I mean, It’s first quarter of my freshman year in high school. So I typed a list to be neat and organized:


1-Get a  hot girlfriend who can help me beat the last level of Blackops

2-Type all my school assignments (because my handwriting sucks)

3-Get straight A pluses

4-Find scholarships and colleges to apply for

5-start washing my clothes, and taking showers (hygiene)

6-start making my own choices/rules

7-Get  cool basketball sneakers and sign up for all the sports at school

8-Get a job that pays well

9-Find another store in Maine (where I live), besides Rite Aid to shop at

10-Workout and get abs

11-clean my room

I know I have high expectations, but I need to change my life if I’m going to get a girlfriend, and butter up my, “parents”. First, I need to clean my room. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me talk about how I clean my room. All I will tell you is that it took four whole hours and thirty minutes. I can check that off the list now. Now I want to look and smell like someone a girl wants to date. I asked my sister and she said to leave her alone, so I looked it up on girl websites like pinterest and tumblr. I saw hot dudes that were tan, muscled, tall, and wore the right brand of clothing...(Hollister/Abercrombie). The only problem is, that store is EXPENSIVE.


The word that haunts most guys who want everything. People always make fun of girls and how they want everything, but my sister seems to want nothing, especially to do with me. All she buys is stuff she needs, and clothes at goodwill. I went upstairs, grabbed clean clothes, and took my first shower in like a decade. No just kidding, a month. I used globs of my sisters bath and body works, something I know girls love as the vacuum of all the dirt I have stuck to me. Then on top of that I put minty dove Men. I needed to wash my hair, I just forgot which shampoo/conditioner is the one for untangling and washing. So I used both twice to make sure I smell good and look clean. Now most guys have straight hair, but curly hair runs in the family. I plugged my sisters mini straightener into the outlet. There was a bunch of numbers and a wheel on the side. I think I remember how she did this. She span the wheel all the way to 200. I did that and tried to straighten my hair, but it just steamed. I can’t straighten my hair when it’s wet! You've gotta be kidding me. Who made this stupid invention?


I waited for my hair to dry, because I would hate learning how to use my sisters hair drier thingy. I wonder if you can’t use that when your hair is dry. I straightened it, but it took For-everrrrrr, and I burned my ear and fingers  at least four times. Ugh. How do girls live with this crap in the way of all their school work and life! I’ve never seen myself with straight hair before. I looked kind of attractive, but I was pale like my sister. I've seen my sister use this tanning paint on her face before, and went searching for it. Aha! I've found it in her makeup bag. I wiped it all over my face, but I looked HORRIBLE. I tried to blend it in with toothpaste, but that made things worse. The door swung open. It was my sister. “I, uh...”


I looked over at her, and realized she was holding her arm. “You must need to fix your bra, I’ll leave.”Worse thing I could of ever said. She nodded her head and entered in, as I (with globs of paint and toothpaste on my face), exited. My mother stomped up the stairs, just in time. I ran into my room, closed the door, and locked the doorknob. I heard a knock on the door, but it wasn’t my door... it was Ellie’s.

     “Ellie, I just got back your report card! You wanna explain yourself?!” I felt bad for her, but her’s couldn’t be that bad. Or could it be?

     “I’m sorry mam. I’ll try harder.” Her voice sounded sarcastic, but in a sad type of way.

     “Your grounded, and restricted from any fun activities.”

     “Yes mam.”

     “And I don’t wanna catch you sneaking out in the middle of the night like all of the other teens at your school.”

    “Yes mam.” Then there was a silence. Like, no one knew what to say. My mom was stunned to find out she was being so obedient. My mom started to walk, but hesitated down the stairs.

    “I don’t know your problem, but I’ve been a great mother to you, I should get some respect.”

    “Yes mam.” There was a knock on my door now.


    “yes mam.”

    “You have all A’s and B’s, can (you) explain yourself.”

    “I’ve been trying real hard.”

   “Can you come out so I can give you thirty bucks.”

  “Can you slide it threw the bottom of the door, I’m... getting changed.”

  “Come out. Being a nerd isn’t a bad thing.” I opened the door and said, save the laughs for later. She smiled and asked ”Have you and your sister been threw a freaky friday thing?”

     “No, I want to be successful in life.”

    “And how does this accomplish that?”

    “You’ll see.”

    “Awww, your hitting puberty aren’t you.”

    “Mooooom, please, I've had “the talk” I swear. “


She laughed her way downstairs, and  had a private conversation with my dad, speaking  norwegian.. so I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It’s their parenting way of getting away with gossip. I wiped the toothpaste and some of the foundation of my face. That night I was determined to get abs. I have thirty dollars to spend on clothes, and a new video game... I think. My life is awesome. I listened to the radio all night, while doing thousands of pilate videos my sister used to do.


I had the music busted up all the way, and no one bothered me that night. The next morning I looked in the mirror and groaned. I had zits ALL over my face. Is this what girls intend to do when they put on this tanning paint? Get zits, so their parents won’t make them take off the makeup? Their crazy. I put some on before school, and actually brushed my hair. I looked stylish with a white v-neck t-shirt, jeans, and my sisters black  leather coat. When I showed up at school all the girls looked at me funny. No, everyone was looking at me funny. Even my sister this morning, before I went to school.


         “Is that your sisters makeup?” My friend, and only real friend Dawn said to me. Yes, she’s a girl, no I don’t have a crush on her. I noticed the liquid eyeliner under her eyes was smudged.

         “Have you been crying?”

         “No, why?”

         “No reason, you just look a little sad.”

         “You haven’t answered my question.”

         “No, it’s says foundation spf-30 on the package, like it?” She started giggling, then chuckling, then laughing like an evil laugh does.

          “Are you ok?”

           “The question is, are you ok?, and yes I think it looks... well, kind of attractive.” The bell rang and I actually walked to class without talking in the hallways, or running. Mr. Twitterr was standing outside of his classroom, sitting on his (teach) chair.


   “Everyone sit down out here please.” My sister was no where to be found, and my but hurts from sitting on the floor. He took attendance.




         “What, oh, sorry.”

         “Ellie.” Whispers flutter throughout the crowd of teenagers.”Does anyone know where Ellie is? I saw her this morning.” No one says a word. The teacher forces everyone  into the classroom and calls the guidance counselor. He shuts the door, after he pulls the cord far enough. I start to wonder where she is. Everyone’s wondering. We all fall silent, as we hear him yelling into the phone. He swings the door open, and slams the phone on the hook. Within five minutes Ellie shows up with the usual black streaks of mascara running down her face.

Everyone turns to her and says, “Where were you?” like identical twins do.



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