NaNoWriMo: Tell Me Why

It's about a boy, who has a sister that has a lot of problems, and she meets this boy with some of the same problems, and then her brother has a problem.


3. I am seriously considering talking to my sister for once


So I have no idea why my sister was gone, and where she was. She didn’t look at anyone, talk to anyone, or sit next to anyone that day... but this goth guy everyone says she made out with. How did my sister get a boyfriend before I could get a girlfriend? I have tried soooo hard, and she goes to school in dirty, goodwill clothes that are all black, with her hair all greasy. She looks like she’s been losing some weight. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. I am sooo close to getting abs right now, but working my stomach out is like trying to chase a dog that’s running 5 times faster than I am. It’s not fair. I am seriously considering talking to my sister for once for advice. She hasn’t looked sad since yesterday, when she met that guy. Sure she still isolates, or maybe no one in this house talks to her, unless their telling her to do something, or that she’s doing something wrong.  Hmmmm.


I think I just figured out what’s wrong with her. No one seems to pay attention to her,so she must not like herself because of it. All she hears is how bad in life she’s doing. None of this is fair for her. I need to have a serious talk with my mom and dad.  But I’m too scared to admit that my sister gets it worse than me. I don’t wanna get treated the same way! Maybe I’ll just talk to my sister about finding a girlfriend. Although that would be embarrassing. Well, you only live once! After school my sister looked nervous, but really happy. I couldn’t really tell what she was feeling at the time. I was about to knock on her door, but I hesitated. I finally after like ten seconds, knocked on her door. She jumped almost five feet off her bed like she had been startled.

“What!?” She looked very irritated with me, like she was about to vindicate me for something.


“Well don’t let flies in that mouth! Spill!”

“I wanted to ask you how you got a boyfriend.” Her eyes grew ten times bigger, and then she started to tear up, but couldn’t quite let the tears out of her eye lids. I kind of had an idea they broke up or had a fight, so I tried to come into her room to give her a hug but she told me to stay out of her room. I didn’t want to get penalized from my mom, so I stood outside of her doorway, and sort of just leaned on her door. There was a long amount of time where nothing was said. Like... when something bad is about to happen in a movie, but not in a scary type of way, in a sad kind of way where someone has to tell another person something depressing that happened.  


“Uh, he asked me. How am I supposed to know?” At this point I was mad at her. I knew why, my brain just sort of told me I didn’t know why. I envied her. I don’t like admitting it, but I just... It’s too hard too keep in on top of all of my other secrets I haven’t spilled like my actual  feelings for Dawn; my one and only friend. Ahhh, crap. I would delete that, but I made a pledge to myself that I wouldn’t delete a single thing! I can be so stupid sometimes.


Anyway, the conversation ended quickly, when I asked her if he wrote his number on her hand, and if she could prove that he did. She shut her door on me and blasted her music really loud. I noticed she wore her gloves inside, and was really tempted to ask her why, but I just assumed that she was scared that our mom and dad would see the number on her hand. She probably kisses all night, and won’t wash it off. I just NEED a girlfriend, and I don’t care how hard it will be to keep it from my parents. I ran on the treadmill down in our family basement for a full hour, but I was still not very close to abs. I got so angry about everything, and mad at everyone for being better than me. My sister who looks goth, looks skinnier than me, probably has abs, and got a boyfriend before me! What’s wrong with me!


The next morning when I got ready for school, I noticed that my sister was gone before me, but the bus hadn’t showed up yet. Her boyfriend probably showed up and drove her on his bike or something. I got excited, and rummaged through her stuff to find her secret to getting love. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing but junky clothes, loose papers, and a note from Reed. Wait, that’s it! A note from Reed! In the note he was asking for stuff to cut something with. Why not just ask her yourself? What was he needing to cut? Why did his parents take away all the sharp things in his room? Was he working on an experiment, or was he talking dirty to my sister? I was so confused for the rest of the month, trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about. I was too scared to ask Ellie herself, because I knew she was going to get mad at me for going in her room without permission.


I felt very nefarious. I knew I shouldn’t have gone through her private stuff... or any of her stuff period, but I just envied her soooo much. I know! My own sister! You might think I’m gross, but I think she’s starting to look a little attractive with all her poundage coming off. She looked thin and fit. More fit than me. But how does she do it? I haven’t seen her go on the treadmill for a while, and I have all of her pilates videos. Maybe she looked up some pilates videos from youtube. She does have her music up waaay too loud all the time in her room. Maybe she doesn’t want anyone to hear her exercising, you know how girls are.


She won’t even let me watch her when she plays Just Dance or Zumba on the Wii downstairs. Wow, I get off topic a lot. And I know I have said this before already. Within the last week of September, I got abs. Hard abs. I mean, you don’t automatically get them in a day. I have been getting there, and finally did it! Maybe I have a shot at getting a girlfriend now. My sister has been hanging around a lot with that new kid, Reed. Reed sounds kind of like an EMO name. Maybe he is EMO. Why should I care? He’s my sisters boyfriend, not some lonely new kid who could possibly be my new friend. Or maybe.... I don’t know. My sister would kill me if we were friends! But this might be an opportunity to start my list of friends who adore me for popularity. I should pretend I don’t know who Ellie is and he might give me some ideas of what’s been going on in her life throughout the past month.


Were on November break right now, you know (Thanksgiving.) We don’t usually leave the house like all of those rich kids in town do even if it’s just veterans day. All I want to do is remake my image into popularity and play video games, but my parents want me to do chores before I put my butt anywhere else, which really sucks. My parents decided that with every hour I spend online, I have to exercise for the next hour. I think it’s stupid, but I don’t mind. I wanna look more muscular.  I wanted to find out if Reed had a face book, or anything I can contact him with. I rummaged  through our school directory to find out his last name, and looked him up. He had a facebook, but he didn’t have much about him posted.


Maybe his parents were the cool type who let him have an online account, but were strict on what he posted. I’m not aloud to post anything, or even have an account, but my parents decided that because I was going to turn my back on them and do it anyway, they might as well just let me have one. Just like my sister and dating. When they found out about Reed they rearranged the rules a little bit. My dad was horrified, but my mom thought that the kid she was dating probably needs someone there for him considering he doesn’t look that popular. On Reed’s wall, I saw all Legends of Zelda, and lego star wars video game quotes. I saw some pictures of him, but they were just his school pictures that are in the year book. He always just wore a black sweatshirt, from what the picture showed. You know, hips up. My mother would have murdered me if she saw that  I wore  what he did that picture day. His parents must be lax with him and all. I commented on one of his video game quotes saying “Laughing my butt off, that’s awesome dude!” He had only one follower, his mother. Within a couple of minutes he replied, “Ummmm, IKR! Hey I’m Reed.”  


What  the heck does IKR mean? I looked it up in another tab on my tablet, and it said... A word in internet slang meaning: I Know Right. Interesting. I should get a book on this “Internet slang”. I wonder if Rosetta Stone carries one of their Cd’s on it. Reed wouldn’t stop texting me, it was kinda hilarious. He asked me if I had a girl I liked, or was recently dating. I told him, to call me because I don’t feel like sharing that type of stuff on the internet. I was stupid enough that I forgot that I posted my number on his facebook! He called me and I asked him about Ellie, my sister. I didn’t tell him we were siblings. He wouldn’t really spill what was going on with her. He just kind of implied that something was wrong with her, which I already knew. I asked him how deep he was going to go with her, but he was like...

“Dude! Were not dating, and she’d tell everyone if I even kissed her!”

“Well... do you wanna kiss her?” There was a long pause, as tension grew through the phone.

“Sorta. She’s hot and the sweetest person you could meet.” And then he snapped and said in the quickest way possible “I CALL DIBS!” I was stunned. I almost said that she was no where near sweet and an idiot most of the time who cries all night about breakups, but he’d guess that we were siblings, so I bit my tongue.

“She’s all yours.” I coughed up, giggling under my breath, if you could even do that. He wouldn’t stop talking about my sister all night, which is what I wanted, but the friend thing was more important to me. He talked about her beautiful hair, and her warm hands. Wait! He knows how my sisters hands feel? “Wait, when did you feel her hands?”

“Ummmm. That’s a little personal.” A heave of excitement washed over me, knowing that my sister doesn’t have the clean slate she always claims she does.

“Come on dude! Your supposed to tell your friends that stuff!”

“I don’t have a lot of friends.”


“No! I have to go, and do my homework.” He hung up the phone, and left me on a cliff hanger. I have never really been so mad at someone besides my parents before. Maybe this is just part of being a teen. And, it’s vacation, he has a week to get his homework done! I know he’s trying to hide something from me about my sister that I don’t know, and I neeeeed to find out soon.


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