Adopted By One Direction

This book is about a girl named Ariana who always gets adopted and gets abused. No one cares about her. Them she needs up getting adopted by someone else but someone that really care about her. See what happens next.


6. ~Six~

Harry's P.O.V

The doctors came out of the room with happy looks on their faces. Why are they so happy?

"They are okay only not Ariana" the doctor said.

"Can we see them" Louis asked. The doctors nodded there heads and we went into the room. We saw Ariana on the bed snoring and Nixee on the bed watching TV.

"Nixee are you okay" I asked looking at Nixee and Ariana. Nixee nodded her head.

"Yeah I am fine. Just a little lightheaded" Nixee said. I looked at Ariana and smiled. She might be okay. I think. We just got Ariana and she is not okay. It is just weird. Louis sat down on the couch and started to watch TV with Nixee. Louis is so childish. Nixee was watching SpongeBob. I rolled my eyes at Louis and sat down.

2 hours later

"I am pregnant" Ariana screamed. I looked at her and so did the other boys.

"What" Louis said standing up.

"I got raped before you guys got me. The doctors told me. I am scared. I don't want to do this alone" Ariana said. This is a big step.

"A-Are you sure" I asked.

"I am sure" Ariana said. I sighed. This is going to be a long day. Ariana got to go home after that whole pregnancy thing. But we eased it out. Nixee was home and we never had her birthday party. Ariana and Nixee went to their rooms and I sat on the couch with the boys.

"Nixee never had her birthday party" I said.

"Yeah she didn't. Maybe we should let her have her party in 2 days so we can plan it again" Zayn said. I nodded my head.

"I feel bad for Ariana" Niall and Liam said.

"Yeah I do too" Louis said.

"Did her parents rape her and she got pregnant when we got her or the other way around" I said.

"Her parents raped her and then we got her" Niall said.

"Oh" Louis said and I said.

"Night guys" I said and went upstairs.

"Night" they said. As soon as I hit that pillow I fell asleep.


Hey guys sorry that I haven't updated in a while but my mom saw my grades and I couldn't get on the computer I hope you are not mad at me. But I hope you like this chapter

~Love Jasmine~

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