Adopted By One Direction

This book is about a girl named Ariana who always gets adopted and gets abused. No one cares about her. Them she needs up getting adopted by someone else but someone that really care about her. See what happens next.


5. ~Five~

Liam's POV

I dropped down in my seat and thought how horrible it must have been for the girls I mean they were abused and hurt and they are supposed to just trust us if I put myself in their shoes I wouldn't trust anyone either.I couldn't hold back the tears they were flowing non stop out of me like a waterfall. Niall came over to comfort me I could tell that he wanted to cry also but obviously wanted to stay strong for all of us.I couldn't believe that I was sitting here in a hospital crying my eyes out but I didn't care.I was usually the one that comforts everyone but now I really needed comfort and that's exactly what I got Zayn was even crying.All of us stood there hugging crying to each other. After a few minutes we pulled ourselves together with all we had left and went home.

Niall's POV

I couldn't believe that just happened because just yesterday we got Ariana and now she in a freaking coma that completely messed up. I mean what the heck are parents doing to their children these days I will find those monster and i will give them exactly what they deserve.




Hey guys hope you like it even though it's short 'cause I need to do homework - GoldenWriter


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