Follows the life of a young, teenage boy as he goes through the struggles of growing up. He encounters many dramas and obstacles that get in his way as well as doing rebellious actions that take effect on others as well.


1. A bad start to a bad day.

The weather was dark, gloomy & grim. Just like Tyler Carter's mood. It was 7:14 on a crappy Monday morning and the last thing Tyler wanted to do was get out of his cozy bed, which felt like heaven to him. His iPod Touch was used for his alarm and he had at least 10 alarms set just so he could get out of bed in the morning, but even then it was a struggle for him to leap out of his cozy paradise. Rubbing his eyes and stretching his legs, Tyler somehow managed to leap out of bed whilst turning off his alarm in the process, the warmth from under the blankets turned icy cold as he kicked the blankets off of his legs and swung them around out of the bed. Yawning & stretching his arms, he made his way to his bathroom where he turned on the shower. He flung his arm back from the freezing cold water that spurted out of the shower head just like the rain that was pouring down outside and landed on his arm, cracking his elbow on the shower door in the process. He let out a loud groan before stepping into the blistering hot water of the shower with an annoyed, yet tired expression on his face. Just from this little experience Tyler knew it was already going to be a terrible day and he wasn't looking forward for what was ahead in his day.

Chucking on his school uniform after drying himself off, Tyler made his way out to the kitchen hoping that his mum left him some money for lunch. To Tyler's disappointment he seen his mother had already made him lunch which consisted of a boring Peanut butter sandwich, a granny smith apple, a packet of original Smiths chips (which Tyler absolutely hated), two muesli bars and a bottle of water. Annoyed, Tyler angrily snatched his recess from the bench and dumped it into his bag like it was a pile of rubbish being thrown into a bin. He didn't even bother making himself any breakfast. This was because the bus was coming in another ten minutes and Tyler still had to put his shoes on, grab his phone and make sure he had everything for school. It was 7:46am, Tyler had spent so much time in the shower and on his Macbook Pro that he didn't realise how fast time had flown by. He chucked on his pair of Vans, made sure the laundry door was unlocked so he could get back inside after school and then made his way out the front door, locking and slamming it on his way out. He had been outside for a good twenty seconds and he was already drenched like a wet dog. The bus stop was still another 150 meters down the road. To Tyler this seemed like a thousand miles. He was soaked, tired and bothered.

After what seemed like forever, he finally made it to the bus stop. The bus rocked up two minutes after Tyler arrived, he pulled out his Myki card from the back pocket of his school shorts and went to go tap on...only for his Myki to be declined as he had -$0.15 on it. "I'm sorry sir, I don't have any money on me to top up my Myki..uh..I just need to get to Hillsmeade Station...please I-" Tyler was interrupted by the bus driver who grimly squinted at Tyler through his tinted sunglasses. "How dare you try and persuade me to let you on this bus for free! I could get you into some serious trouble for this! As a matter in fact I'm going to call the police right now! Just wait there and let me get my phone out of my-" the bus driver was then interrupted by a short, pudgy bald man. "Here. I'll pay for him. Luckily, I have a spare Myki." the pudgy man said calmly as he handed a Myki card over to Tyler. "Th-thanks man!" Tyler replied nervously to the man as he touched on, "No stress bud, keep the Myki, it's got like thirty bucks or something on it and I don't use it" the man replied with a little smirk as he touched on and sat down on a seat at the front of the bus."You're lucky boy, very, very lucky indeed. But next time I catch you sneaking onto this bus without'll be in a lot of unnecessary trouble" the frustrated bus driver said to Tyler in a barky tone. Tyler just nodded his head before making his way up to the back of the bus, jammed in his ear phones and stared out the foggy window of the bus, feeling awkward from the drivers lecture.

The bus pulled up to Tyler's final destination - Hillsmeade station. Tyler came here every morning from Monday through to Friday to catch a train to school. Tyler thanked the pudgy man once again as they both got off the bus and headed towards the train station. The train station was practically empty. It was clean, modern and fresh. But it was empty. There were only two other people at the station. A girl in a school jumper and school skirt on Tyler's platform and a business man on the other platform. The train still wasn't coming for another 13 minutes. Tyler walked all the way down the platform, stopping about three quarters from the end of it and sitting down on the cold, metal seats. In the distance two bright headlights could be seen. At first Tyler thought this was his train but sat down as soon as he realised his train was still another 10 minutes away. The train that was coming was the V-Line. The V-Line went straight from the suburbs and countryside all the way to the city without stopping at certain stations. Tyler used to catch the V-Line which happened to stop the station he had to get off at but intentionally stopped as he nearly got caught for not touching on his Myki card, very similar to the bus situation. The V-Line sped past Tyler as he could see blurred images of hundreds of people sitting down, reading, writing, standing up and looking out the window back at him, the wind from the train blew his long, drenched hair down onto his face, making his face wetter than it already was from the rain. He put his earphones back in an waited impatiently for his train to arrive.



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