Walk out the door

From a broken heart I WILL SURVIVE


1. Walk out the door

I wish I hadn't followed you to the alleyway 

and minded my own business and 

gone just the otherway or I wish I 

could die cause I saw you with another girl.


You were better when you were with me

and hadn't told me about the other girl. 

Baby, cause I love the way you LIE.


Baby, you left me alone

for some girl that is dump and loner

you just had to reach up and grab me.


You got my anger bubbling,

my revenge ever more doubling

I am looking for ways to break free,

and show you I was better,


But , now

go on , get out the door 

cause you are not welcome anymore.

You should have come when you had the chance

I would have welcomed you with open hands.


I will survive , without you 

I will make a living and

love a boy who is truly mine.


I will not die , I will not kneel


but rise higher than you,

my shadow covering yours,


No one can see you

 cause I would have destroyed you

Now you should walk out the door 

cause your not welcome anymore


I will not die,

I will not crumble , I will survive,

and stand staight and 

Show you what a girl can do

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