His Guardian Angel.

Summary: An Angel being cast out from heaven without signing a contract, which would make sure they won’t die when they got a charge. A new Angel were cast out from heaven, he denied signing the contract and the first human or person he take in as his charge will be bound to him forever until Death claims either of them. One can only die, if the other is dying too. [Warning: Contain Yaoi, which means BoyxBoy. Don’t like, don’t read. ]


1. The meeting.


You must sign the contract of your guardians toward the human, if you do not, you would be banish from heaven and never be able to return. If your charge dies, you are to move on and never look back to your past.

Sign it.

Sign the contract, if you do not, you will end up dying yourself if your charge does.

Sign it…

Sign it…





The light surrounded him, the falling from the sky were terrifying and he could do nothing about it. His wings would not work, not at that moment. The ground below him came faster than he thought, the pain was the worst, but it was nothing compared to what he had felt before.

The Guardian angel trembled slightly, thrown out from the heaven for denying signing a bloody contract. That is a good way to do it, right?

He brushed off a bit of the dust and dirt he had gotten upon his body and wings, a luck no human could see them, because it would be too difficult to explain.

He sighed slightly, as he looked around him. It was night, which was clear to see since the sky were dark and the stars shone upon its dark surface. The angel glance around him, trying to see what place he had ended falling down too.

The first thing he saw was a young teenage boy, walking out from what looks like a store. The angel looked closer, his bright blue eyes studied the young teenager for a moment.

Raven black messy hair, slender body, yet very good built up. The teen did not wore any shirt, he even hold a hammer in his right hand. What was he doing?

The angel cocked his head aside, as he watched how the teenager swung the big hammer on an Iron surface. It made a red spark, as the hammer hit the now glowing piece of metal maybe?

One thing could he tell, he was not in a modern time, since the place he were standing at was looking like a village of the medieval times.

He sighed, as he looked over at the teen, why would he be out late and…make weapons like that?  He didn’t understood, it could be a dange-

Just as he thought it, he saw two elder males walking toward the young teen. They didn’t look comfortable, not even friendly. His thoughts were right, because as soon they got near the teenager. They grabbed him by his arms, made him drop the hammer as they pushed him down on the floor.

“LET ME GO!” The black haired teen shouted, as the two men only laughed at him.

“Is Thomas really such a weakling?” One of them mocked, as he grabbed around the teens throat and pressed him down farther in the ground.

“Show us what you got, Thomas. Your life is in danger, oh wait. You can’t use that little magical tricks, now can you? What a shame.” The other mocked, as he kept the teens arms pinned down against the ground.

No…this was not going to happen on his watch, he will not let an innocent human die on his watch.

The angel took out his angel blade, as he ran fast toward the teen in need. With one big swung, he hit one of the men in the jaw and sent him back. The other were kicked off as The angel now stood above the teen, his angel blade firmly in his palm, as he glared hard at the two men.

“Leave. Him. Alone.” His blue eyes started to glow, his voice went into a multi-voice there was firm and strong. He stood in a fighting position, as he lowered himself just a little bit, in case they wanted to attack.

One of them stood, he spat some blood away as he glared hard on the one who made them off their victim.

“I believe this is none of your freaking business, pretty little thing.” He teased, as he smirked a bit while he chuckled. “Protecting a scum like him? Aren’t you just a little bit ashamed?” the man came closer toward the angel, as he held his hand to his pocket, he drew out a long and weak sword. However, it could easily make some damage, because it was that weak.

“One step closer, I swear to god.” The angel warned, as he prepared himself for a fight.

“Swear to god? That was a new one, even not Thomas dare say such things.” The man said, as he pointed the weak sword at the angel.

“Even you go now, Eric. Or I swear on Morganas name, that I will curse you and I don’t care for whatever the consequences might be.” The teen said, as he stood beside the angel. A hammer in his hand, as he glared at the two men.

“Oh, finally you are standing up, Thomas. Don’t want to look pathetic in front at your new boyfriend?” the man, rather known as Eric by now spoke as he and the other laughed aloud.

Thomas pointed his hand toward Eric, his eyes glared at him. With a slight movement, his hand showed that he grabbed onto something, but as he showed it with his hand. Eric was strangled, while Thomas squeezed his hand closer and closer.

“He is not, my boyfriend. But I will not accept your cruel and pathetic way to mock me, while you are the one who is getting abused at your own father.” Thomas’ voice spoke a venom noise.

Eric tried to grab around his throat, to make the strangling stop, but no matter what he did. He couldn’t stop it.

“Stop it…” The angel said, as he stood in front at Tom and looked him in the eyes.

Thomas hand were still toward Eric, he kept his grab silent for a moment, but then slowly let go and lowered his hand. “Go, leave now, before I change my mind!” Thomas snapped toward them, as Eric was helped away by the other male.

Thomas glared after them, until they had disappeared in the night between the few houses or shops around the place. He let a breath escape his lips, his eyes gently closed while he tried to relax a bit.

“Whoever you are, you shouldn’t have gone into my fights.” He said, as he looked at the other for a moment. “You had no righ-“

“I had all the rights.” The angel interrupt, as he put away his angel blade and looked at…this Thomas person. “It is my right to protect those in need, so I have more a right to protect you, than you actually would allow me.” He explained, while he held a hand at Thomas’ neck, seeing a few bruises he had by the grab Eric had on his throat before.

Thomas poked the hand away, he glared a bit at the other. “I know what you are, I can see your wings high and clear. You better stay away from me, because I won’t like anymore troubles, understood?” Thomas asked him, as he pointed the heavy hammer toward the angel.

“You…know what I am? Do you even know my na-“

“Name? No, because you have none until you get down to earth.” Thomas replied faster than the angel could speak.

The angel stood silent for a moment, only staring at the human for a while. No wait, it was not a human being, because normal humans couldn’t see his angel wings.  However, what was he then?

“Even so, I would like to know your chosen name.” Thomas spoke, as he returned to the Iron surface with his hammer. He then let out a growl, as he looked at the cold metal. “Great, all ruined.” He muttered, as he grabbed the cold metal and threw it over in the fireplace nearby.

“You are a weapon maker, aren’t you?” The angel asked, as he got near Thomas again.

“I’m a blacksmith, yes. However, could you just leave?” Thomas asked him, he glance over his shoulder at the angel. No emotion expression on his face at all, as he took the hot metal out from the fireplace again.

“No, not until you explain what you are.” The angel said, as he smirked a bit and fold his arms against his chest.

“I am nothing of your concern, that’s what I am.” Thomas replied, as he held his hammer high and swung it down against the hot metal. It made the red and yellowish glow again, while he kept doing the same thing again. It was until he dripped it into a bucket of water, the smoke came out from it, as it were cooling down

The angel growled a bit, he ran his hand through his hair, before he glared a bit at the blacksmith teen. “You obviously used some sort of magic, which mea-“ Before the angel could speak finish, Thomas’ hand were over his mouth as he glared hard at him.

“One more word, I swear to morgana I will curse you or make your wings fall off, understood?” Tom hissed low, as he removed his hand again from the angel.

“Tell me what you are then, then I will maybe shut up.” The angel said, as he smiled a bit at Thomas.

“Mage, now shut up and leave me alone, I don’t want to get in more troubles because of you!” Thomas snapped, as he turned away from the angel, he returned to his work.

“What trouble are you in, Thomas?” The angel asked, he walked closer to the blacksmith teen, looking at the new sword he was making.

“It’s none of your concern, understood? Don’t call me Thomas, I already hate the name enough.” Thomas comment, as he got the new glade over to a rolling stone, he pulled a small chair over to himself.

He started the stone to roll, where he sat the new blade against it so it would become sharp in the edges all down to the tip of it.

The angel walked over beside Thomas, his hands fold on his back while he admired Thomas’ work. “What may I call you then?” He asked him carefully.

The young blacksmith didn’t answer at first, he settled the cold metal against the running stone, sharping the edges and held it back to feel it’s sharpness upon his thumb.

“My name might be Thomas, but I hate it so I ask people just to call me Tom.” The young blacksmith answered, his voice kinder than before. He settled his thumb a bit deep on the sharp blade, cursing his skin to split apart and he were bleeding from the small cut.

“What are you doing?!” The angel fussed, as he took Tom’s hand and slowly healed it. The cut went closed, the blood had vanished and it was as good as new again.

Tom looked at the angels work, why would he care to heal him, when he certainly would do it again?

“I always do that to check the sharpness, if it can’t go through the skin, it’s not good enough.” Tom comment, he held his hand away from the angel and stood from his chair.

“What may I call you? Since you have no mind in leaving me alone, at least give me a name.” Tom asked him, as he went over to a table and started to make a case and a handle for the sword.

The angel didn’t answer at first, because he admired the way Tom could make a sword that fast, sharpen it and build it up.

When the sword was finished, he noticed that Tom carved some letters in the sword.


The angel looked at the name, it was…unique. The angel looked at Tom, as he took the sword in his hand. Tom swung it around, so talent by his movement and his attack strikes with the sword. In the end, he held it in the case, sealed it and sat his marks on the case. That it was his sword, his blacksmith hands who made the sword. It was his alone, he would only break the sealed when the magic he had laid within the sword was finish.

“Lucas…” The angel answered, his name would be Lucas, not the name he had chosen before, but now he wanted this name.

Because Lucas was Light.

A light, which Tom could use in the darkness, which slowly surrounding him. The angel could see it, even when Tom himself could not.

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