His Guardian Angel.

Summary: An Angel being cast out from heaven without signing a contract, which would make sure they won’t die when they got a charge. A new Angel were cast out from heaven, he denied signing the contract and the first human or person he take in as his charge will be bound to him forever until Death claims either of them. One can only die, if the other is dying too. [Warning: Contain Yaoi, which means BoyxBoy. Don’t like, don’t read. ]


3. The curse and the new journey

The scent of fire, wood, which burned and slowly died under the mercy of the lightning flames and smoke were sharp under Tom's nose. He felt strong arms around him, firm and great built chest that his head rested against it. Yet, he could not figure what was going on.

As the young Mage opened his eyes, he saw wings fluttering and the wind came upon his skin and blew his hair in front at his eyes. His eyes narrowed, Tom pushed a hand against Lucas chest, forcing Lucas to let go at him so he fell toward the ground.

"TOM!" Lucas shouted, he closed his wings together and duck down to fetch Tom before he would hit the ground.

Tom only smirked toward Lucas, he flipped his body in the air, just a couple of meters away from the ground. He held his hand out, hitting the ground but rolled gracefully until he stood on his legs again. It was a bit of few tricks he could do, a luck he taught himself those things by reading forbidden books.

"Don't! Ever! Do! That! Again! ”Lucas snapped, as he landed in front at Tom, his eyes glowed the bright blue color as a warning to Tom.

"Don't ever take me away, I asked you to leave me alone. However, you choose to safe me! Stop thinking you can safe everyone! Because you can't!"

Tom's words were like a dagger, which stabbed right into Lucas' chest. The angel then tight his fist, he walked closer to Tom, grabbing him by his shirt as his eyes looked deeply into Tom's. "I have claimed you as my charge, so now you are hanging on me liking it or not. I'm. Not. Leaving." He let go at Tom's shirt again, only to see a shocking face expression on the teens face.

"You are such a fool!" Tom suddenly shouted. "I could finally get rid of the old man, yet you needed to interfere and make me into another Angel’s charge! I said, that I didn’t wanted to get more in trouble! Why do no one listen!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, Tom’s eyes then went over to where he saw the smoke. The fire, which came high above the blacksmith shop while the black smoke covert the night sky.

“My sword…” He whispered, as he went to run back so he could get it. His arm, which was forcefully snatched, by Lucas hand and held Tom back and glared hard on him.

“You knew he was an angel? You knew what he was?!” Lucas asked, his voice were not kind anymore, because now he needed answer.

“I need my sword! Let go at me!” Tom snarled, he twisted his arm away from Lucas and turned again to get back to the blacksmith.

“I have your got damn sword! Just answer my questions!” Lucas’ voice become the multi-voice, it was not a good thing to make an angel in anger.

Tom glared at Lucas for a minute, he fold his arms and huffed, however, he turned his head away from Lucas.  “So what if I knew?” The teen asked, as he glance down at the ground right after.

“Because he killed himself, just minutes after I came to safe you. He told you had a curse upon you, that no matter who were around you suffered. I want to know what that’s about.” Lucas said firmly, as he held Tom’s sword out from behind himself.

Tom groaned with an irritated noise, as he ran his hand through his messy hair. “Do I really need to explain you everything? “ He asked him

“I would prefer you did that, every single detail that you know of.” Lucas answered, he looked at Tom’s sword for a while, admiring the work of it. However, when he were about to break the sealed of it. He felt a hard punch at his shoulder, which cursed him to drop the sword. Tom fetched it, he held it closer to himself while his eyes glared hard on Lucas.

“Don’t ever, break the sealed when the magical spell isn’t done to do its purpose.” Tom warned Lucas, he settled his sword at his belt, before he glance over at the black smoke from the blacksmith.

“You still need to explain a few things, Tom. I took you in as my charge, now you need to deal with me. It’s better you tell me stuff, instead of hiding them for me, else I cannot help you.” Lucas clarified.

“Who said I wanted your help, Angle?!” Tom snapped at him, while he turned to walk away. However, Lucas still followed Tom

“I will be your help! I’m your Guardian angel now! You cannot get rid of me that easily, because If you die, so will I!” Lucas half shouted, he noticed Tom slowly stopped to walk.

“You what?” He asked, while he turned and looked confused at Lucas.

“If you die, so do I.” Lucas repeated himself, while he looked at his charge.

“That’s not how it should be, Angels don’t die if their charge dies.” Tom said, his head shook in denial for that fact.

“I didn’t sign a specific contract in heaven, if I had signed it, yes I wouldn’t die if my charge did.” Lucas explained, his wings lowered themselves to the ground. His face expression didn’t look pleasant at all, but sadden.  “Look…” The angle said, while he walked over to Tom.

“You are my charge, I took you in as my charge because you need my help. You will not admit it yourself, that’s understandable. However, I want to know about that thing your last angle said.” He explained. “What is that with a curse?” He asked him kindly.

Tom starred at Lucas for a while, he had let a sigh escape his lips before he started walking away. However, he mention a hand for Lucas to follow along, as he were walking toward the dark forest nearby them.

“I’m a child who was born under the last day of the year, not enough with that, I was born under my mother’s home made love potion.” Tom explained, while he noticed Lucas walked up beside him. He continued to walk, not stopping or glance at Lucas.

“My mother was a Mage, my father just a normal human. He left my mother when she told she was pregnant, but my mother died while giving the birth to me. She only survived long enough to give me my name, I was named after my filthy human father. That’s a thing I hate even now, Thomas isn’t a name I like, and Thomas is a name I dislike bitterly.”  He explained, his hands tight into a fist while they walked.

“That’s why I prefer people calling me Tom and not Thomas, you better remember.” Tom sneered at Lucas.

“I get it, but I still don’t see the curse thing.” Lucas murmured, he fold his arms around himself, as he looked ahead for them instead of Thomas.

“If you will let me explain, I can better tell you about it. Stop interrupting me.” Tom snapped at Lucas. As they came into the forest, Tom didn’t sat his speed down one second, each time they needed to pass a tree, jump over one or bent down underneath one. He did it fast, not giving the angel a chance to notice, where they was going either.

“A child, who is born on the last day of the year, the last hour and under the affections of a Love Potion too. That child, is cursed for the rest of the life, which is what I am. Cursed.” Tom explained.

“What curse is it about, Tom?” Lucas asked him, his sounded like Tom’s little game was annoying him.

Tom stopped suddenly, which cursed Lucas to bump into Tom from behind.

“Don’t tell me you are that unintelligent, that you can’t even figure out that little puzzle?” The teen asked, he turned his head and looked at Lucas with narrowed eyes.

“I am not a Mage, so how in heaven’s name do you expect me to-“

“Because you are an angel! That’s why!” Tom explain, his voice raised just a little because he was getting mad.

“How am I supposed to know?!” Lucas shouted back at him, his eyes started to glow up in the bright blue color.

“They don’t teach us anything! They only taught me to fight! To protect and go in war if needed! How am I supposed to know about a damn curse with a freaking Love Potion?!” Lucas shouted at him.

“Aren’t Guardian Angels supposed to know about their Charge, before they take them in?!” Tom snapped back, he was reaching for his dagger in his pocket, but before he could do that. Tom was pinned against a tree, an angel blade pressed to his throat as he saw Lucas’ rage behind his eyes.

“Don’t speak as if you know the rules, because you know nothing about it.” Lucas hissed under his breath, his voice had been close to being in the multi-voice.

Tom panted slightly, his rage and anger had been close to snap on himself again. To be so mad that he did not know what he was doing, it was like something covert his eyes, as the rage would take over.

“I am cursed under the affection of being born on the last day of the year, in the last hour and under a love potions powers. It means that I am un-loveable, no one will care, they will hate me no matter what. I am cursed, in the end people will kill me, wish me gone or abuse me so hard that I almost would be dead.” Tom explained farther, as he glance into Lucas’ eyes.

For a short moment, Lucas could see the pain through Tom’s eyes, he could the need and shouting for help. Slowly, Lucas let go at Tom, he settled his angel blade back in his belt again and fold his arms around himself.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have reacted like I did.” He apologized with a low voice, he could feel guilt swollen up in his chest.

“What has been done, can’t be changed. So deal with it, or let the guilt take you down one day.” Tom replied, before he adjusted his shirt and continued to walk farther into the forest.

“Where are you going, Tom?” Lucas asked, he followed his charge anyway while he looked around. The forest looked dead, rotten trees and no green or living in sight.

“Away from the village, since there is no reason for me to stay back there.” Tom answered, he held a stick out from his inner pocket and turned while pointed it at Lucas.

“Duck now!” Tom called out to Lucas.

As soon the angel ducked down, Tom shot a spell out from the tip of his wand. A sound of someone fell heavily down on the ground was heard.

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