His Guardian Angel.

Summary: An Angel being cast out from heaven without signing a contract, which would make sure they won’t die when they got a charge. A new Angel were cast out from heaven, he denied signing the contract and the first human or person he take in as his charge will be bound to him forever until Death claims either of them. One can only die, if the other is dying too. [Warning: Contain Yaoi, which means BoyxBoy. Don’t like, don’t read. ]


2. Forever his charge.

Tom observed Lucas for a minute, he raised his eyebrow, as he let his new finished made sword down on the table. “You just made a select of choice to be name yourself Lucas, for the reason that you saw I titled my sword that?” He questioned the angel.

“Sort of….” Lucas trailed off, while he fold his hands on his back. “Even so, I also like the name, Lucas means light, illumination and it’s like me. “ He explained, Lucas’ voice were soft while he spoke, as he smiled a bit at Tom too. “I bright light into those places people can’t see through their darkness, I help other people, make sure they are safe and sound.”

“Yet, it is not all you can safe, is it?” Tom asked him, the teen eyed the angel for a while. Tom noticed how Lucas’ face expression turned sad, almost dark and emotionless.

“How many before, did you left for Death to claim?” The teen asked, before he grabbed the new made sword and took it with him.

“None of your concern.” Lucas mumbled, his arms fold against his chest, while he let his wings fall down just a little.

“Neither is it your concern about me, yet you are still around and won’t go away. Why is that?” Tom replied back, he sighed while he looked toward the door to inside his home. He didn’t really want to get back inside, so many reasons behind it.

“You need me…” Lucas comment, he walked over to Tom and stood in front at him. “When I look at you, I see this helpless teenager who is walking blindly in the darkness he is surrounded by. You need a light to guide you through the darkness, that’s me.” Lucas explained, he smiled a bit too while he were about to place his hand on Tom’s shoulder.

Before the angel had a chance, Tom grabbed Lucas’ wrist, his eyes glared darkly at Lucas. “Touch me, just once and I will curse you so not even god can recognize you, understood?” Tom’s voice were threating, his hand grabbed tightly around Lucas’ wrist to make him understand his message.

Tom saw how Lucas were about to take his angel blade out, but he let go at Lucas before he could. “Stay away from me, I don’t want more trouble with you.” He growled slightly, as he passed by Lucas, walked inside the blacksmith shop, and went upstairs to his home.

Lucas looked at the blacksmith shop, he sighed lightly while he fluttered his wings and managed to sit himself on top at the roof. He did not care whatever Tom was telling him, he had sat his mind on watching over Tom, so be it.

Tom walked slowly upstairs toward his room, he tried to be as silent as possible to not awake his father. It almost were a success, until he felt a hand on his shoulder. The scent of alcohol and sex surrounded Tom’s nose already, he hated that his father caught him this moment.

“You….better tell me, what in hell’s name…” The old man’s voice hiccupped, but spoke on with a dangerous mad voice. “ya were doing, down in the blacksmith workshop. “

Tom cleared his throat, he felt how the hand went tighter on his shoulder. “A general came in need, his sword needed a good hand, Sir.” Tom lied, he was good at making lies faster than he thought about them.

“What did he pay you, Thomas lad?” The elder man asked, his hand went dangerous close to Thomas’ neck.

“He didn’t pay, it was a kings general, so we should do it with hono-“

Tom were solved against the nearest wall, his head hit first against the wall while he slide down and hit the floor with his bum first. His dark brown eyes looked up at the elder male, seeing he came closer and grabbed Tom by his throat. Squeezing it, so it closed for Tom’s airways.

“How many times, lad, do I have to tell, that you do not lie to me?” The voice become lower in voice, but very dangerous to listening too. Tom held his hands on the elder man’s arm, trying to make the grip around his throat loosen up. He was in a wrong ankle to do so, since he might not use his strength enough.

“What shall I do this time, Thomas?” He asked, while his face came closer to Tom’s “Starve you for another week, maybe. Whip your back and stomach, until you bleed.  Let the baker’s fat son have his way with you.  There are many, opportunities, yet none of them fit into your thick skull!” He shouted into Tom’s face.

The world were getting blurry for Tom, his lungs burned with the desire of the air it could not claim. Tom could soon feel a hot, disgusting breath against his ear. The low whispering voice spoke out, but it was fading for him.

“Or you could just, slowly go to sleep, Thomas dear.”

The young teenager could hardly see anything more, his eyes slowly closed, but before his world went black. He saw light, feathers there covert his vision before everything went dark.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lucas knew something were wrong, the strong scent of Alcohol and woman’s scent of the human intending of sex were strong above the blacksmith shop. Those two things, was never a good combination between humans.

His face turned in horror, as he heard a loud bump down in the house. The thoughts he soon read, they were horrible, the scared thoughts of Tom, the elder man’s desire of getting rid of the teen. Lucas stood fast, his angel blade in his hand, while he flew down from the roof and straight through the window.

He pushed the elder male off Tom, balanced himself in front at Tom while his face expression was nothing but anger. “Don’t you dare take a young life, while your own is so close to death. It will gain you nothing, but sorrow and the title of being a murder.” He spoke, Lucas hold his angel blade firmly in his palm. For a reason, his body shook in anger.

The elder man let a laugh escape his lips, he stood from the floor and stared into Lucas’ eyes for a while. “So an angel finally came to claim that lad, you make me laugh by the power of ‘god’ that you want to say it shall be made by. He is a cursed boy, those who take care of him, suffers.” He said, before he took out a matching blade alike Lucas’.

Lucas’ eyes wide, looking at the angel blade in the man’s hand. It wasn’t alike his, but an elder version of it. This…couldn’t be.

“Surprised, aren’t you?” He asked him, before he flip the angel blade in his hand and pressed it against himself, against his own chest.

“No wait!” Lucas cried, he reached his hand out for the elder man, but he soon puffed in the air. Only a pair of black old feathers fell upon the wooden floor, the elder version of the angel blade hit the floor, but it turned to dust after a few seconds.

If the old man had been charge to Tom, why would he kill himself? Even hurt his own charge like that, it wasn’t a thing Lucas understood. What did he mean? That Tom would be present a cursed? Bring suffering to those who care for him, what did that all mean?

Lucas exhaled, if Tom did not have a guardian angel more. It was his choice now, even the consequences by risking a charge upon himself. It was a risk worth, if he could help a person in need.

The guardian angel turned, his angel blade settled back in his belt, as he walked over to the teenager. He placed two fingers on Tom’s head, mumbling some strange language and leaned back again. The connection between him and Tom started, a weaken, graceful white light between their chests illuminated the whole hallway. The light faded as fast as it had lighted up, Lucas then slowly held Tom in his arms. He glance back at the spot where the old man had been before, but he slowly sat a fire on in the smaller home.

With that, Lucas flew out from the blacksmith shop. He kept his new charge close to his chest, as he flew over the village underneath the night sky, away from it so he could protect his new charge.

A charge, which he will keep forever or until one of them died.

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