2. Chapter One

Chapter One


"Congratulations."A female voice spoke softly, but there was a large throb in the front of my head that made everything seems louder. "You are one of the last K-subjects."

The voice seemed elated by this, though the name confused me. K-subject? What is that?

"We will introduce you to Eve, our leader. But first you must pass a simple test." The voice instructed, and I opened my mouth - but no sound came out.

Tests? What tests?

I thought curiously, stretching along the bed under me, my body protesting as though I hadn’t moved in days. I blinked slowly, before rubbing my eyes, clearing away the remnants of sleep from my eyes and sitting up.

I turned around in the space slowly, noting the single bed with sky blue sheets that were heavily dishevelled. A dresser with a plain black lamp sat beside it. And that was it. That was all that was in what I assumed to be my room.

A slot in the bottom of the door opened with a mechanical whirr. A tray of food slid onto the concrete floor. I crossed to it slowly, eyeing it with distrust, picking up the fork and stabbing it into the pasta dish.

After I finished I pushed the tray away, looking up to the roof to find a mural painted above me - clouds drifted over my ceiling and people with wings stared done at me with hard gazes, judging me.

After a few more moments the slot in the door was pushed open and a cube was forcibly pushed through until it fell onto the tray. I picked it up hesitantly – but nothing happened when I touched it. The cube was split into six different colours all in random places.

I waited for more instructions, but none came. After what seemed like hours I decided to attempt to fix the cube, rotating the faces this way and that until all the squares of colour lined up perfectly.

I smiled in triumph, placing the cube back near the door and climbing back to my bed, curling my knees to my chest and waiting. After a few more moments the door opened, and I looked up from my spot on the bed to find a petite girl with neat blonde hair and vibrant eyes staring at me.

She took a step into the room, disgust plain on her features before she quickly masked it, closing the door behind her. The girl smoothed her crisp blue shirt with a strange logo that looked like a man and woman standing by a tree on the breast pocket before addressing me.

"Hello, you are subject L. You have no other name or identification. I am Eve, leader of this facility. You are one of the last known K-subjects - a person under the age of 21. We don't know what or how, but anyone over this age disappeared one month ago."

A brief feeling of horror went through my veins.

One of the last? How could I be one of the last?

A brief memory coursed through my brain - hundreds of children in small groups, all chattering excitedly about something. Their faces where easy and carefree – as though they had no care in the world.
Where did they all go?

"Since the adults disappeared we have been rebuilding our society little by little. Searching for people like you who had been missing." Eve's eyes glazed over, and I had the feeling she was lying - but why?

"This week alone we have been able to find three young people we had believed to be dead." Eve smiled at this, as though she was proud of the accomplishment.  

"We just need to finish your health tests and then we'll introduce you to the new world." Eve paused, for dramatic effect it seemed.

Eve lead me into what looked like a doctor’s office with charts explaining the human body lining the walls and a single computer sitting on a desk. Eve sat on the chair in front of the computer – pressing a few buttons until my name came up on screen – with very little information underneath.

“Just take a seat and we’ll get started” Eve motioned to the chair and I sat automatically without really thinking about it.

Eve smiled at me before shifting through one of the draws and taking out a needle. I paled significantly, and Eve grabbed me arm, quickly stabbing the knife into the area just above my elbow, drawing some blood before taking out the needle and placing a cotton ball on the minor wound.

Eve placed the sample on the desk before turning back to her computer, looking through what I assumed to be a checklist of things they needed to run through with me before I had the opportunity to enter the compound.

“Stand up for me please.” Eve asked and I stood, using the desk for support.

Eve took out a measuring tape, running it around my bust, before lowering it to my middle and then down to my waist. After she had written the figures down Eve used the measuring tape to figure out how tall I was – five foot six eight inches.

Eve finished writing down my measurements before getting me to stand on the scales, writing down my wait, which was a little under what it probably should be for my height.

“Do you know how old you are?” Eve asked, and I felt like it was almost a trick question, so I shook my head – though I had a feeling I was closer to twenty than to sixteen but neither of us could be sure.

Eve wrote this down and stood, moving towards the door before glancing at me with an expectant look. I rose from the chair with only a slight amount of effort – apparently I was already getting my strength back.

Eve led me back through the concrete hallway, only stoping before a massive door with no keyhole that I could see. Eve pressed her hands against the wall, and a sound vibrated through my head making me close my eyes for a moment until it stopped. Once I opened my eyes there was a keypad with the numbers from zero to nine on it, Eve pressed a few buttons each eliciting a strange sound before the door swung open. 

"We have decided our world should be renamed. So, L, welcome to Haven"

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