Another Love Story

Follow along on the journey of Kaylee Westerbrook and Zayn Malik as they meet each other at Dalton Academy of Music. Will their relationship grow stronger, or will Kaylee's present life get in the way? |Book One of the Brand New Payne series|


1. P R O L O G U E

“I’m not letting you go Kaylee!”


“But Zayn, you have to. This is your dream we’re arguing about, for Christ’s sake!!”


“I’m not gonna do it without you, Kaylee!! You are the whole reason why I want to sing!”


“If it means giving me up to chase it, you have to Zayn.”


I started pacing around the room. I didn’t want to leave Kaylee, but I have to. And she knows it too. She is right. Maybe I can make an exception with the boss.

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