Another Love Story

Follow along on the journey of Kaylee Westerbrook and Zayn Malik as they meet each other at Dalton Academy of Music. Will their relationship grow stronger, or will Kaylee's present life get in the way? |Book One of the Brand New Payne series|


2. O N E

“How about this?”



“Nope. Too revealing.”



“Okay then. Maybe this?”



“That’s too preppy. Next!”



“This? Or this?”



“No and give me it.”



Me and my friend, Melissa, are currently at the mall, shopping for new clothes. It hasn’t been going well at all. The clothes are either too whore-ish or too innocent. It messes with my head all the time.



“Kayles, is that everything?”



“Yeah. Let’s go home.” My name is Kaylee, but my friends call me Kayles for short. We paid for my things and headed out the mall towards the car.



“How’s the little one doing?”



“She’s been good so far. Kicking a little.” I’m also pregnant too. About seven months. It’s a long story how it happened, but I’ll explain later. We both got in and headed for my house, since I can’t drive. After about twenty minutes, I was finally and brick-walled, two-story home.



“Bye Mel!”



“Bye Kayles!” She started pulling off as I walked inside. I went upstairs to my room to put my things down and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I saw a note on the small island and read it.




                        Went to the store to get some things. Dinner is in the oven. And be sure to take your medication. 

                            Be careful. I shall be back in about fifteen minutes, depending on traffic. Love you! xx




I walked over to the oven and grabbed my food, which was pizza, and headed upstairs to my room and sat at my computer. I grabbed one slice and started typing in the website.



“Dalton…Academy…of..Music.” I said to myself while I typed. I pressed enter and a website pulled up, showing students in uniforms, smiling and some singing or playing an instrument. This is where I’m going in a few days. And I’m so excited. And I guess my daughter felt my excitement because she started kicking. 



I got into Dalton by recommendation. And I still couldn’t believe it. It was so unexpected and last minute. It took about twenty minutes of convincing my mother until she finally said yes. And my dad was all for it. 



I looked over the website for a few minutes until I heard my mum walk in through the front door.




“Kaylee? Are  you here?”




“I’m upstairs!” I heard her feet shuffle up the stairs and walk into my room. She grabbed another chair and next to me while I was still looking on the computer. She was smiling at me while I was enchanted by Dalton.




“You must be really excited?”



“Yes mum! You have no idea..” She gave me a small chuckle and hugged me.



“I’m gonna miss you when you leave.”



“You’re gonna have my daughter with you. You’ll have a reminder of me.” I smiled. “She’s been kicking an awful lot lately.”



“At least she’s kicking. And at least you know she’s there.” I nodded. I’ve been so worried about my baby, Dalton, my parents, Melissa, and him. Ugh..My head is starting to hurt. I started yawning and stretching.



“You must be really tired, huh?”



“Yeah…A lot has been going on.”



“Come on. Let’s get you ready for bed.”

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